Where are they now?

All contributions to this list would be welcomed.  Whether you are still working or retired, if  you would like your former work colleagues around the world to know where you are and what you are doing today then please either complete the form via the button on the right or send an email to - ponlheritage@gmail.com

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Where are they now? - Executive

Philip Green - March 2013

Tim Harris - April 2013

Where are they now? - Africa

Where are they now? - Asia

Where are they now? - Australasia

Bob Bransdon - Sydney - October 2013

Where are they now? - Europe

James Baldwin - UK - September 2013

Doug Bannister - December 2021

Craig Bowen - Birmingham - September 2013

Billy Bragg - Barking - January 2015

Mike Chapman - Beagle House - August 2021

Nick Frost - Hainault - October 2015

John (Graham) Harris - London - October 2022

Peter Ongley - September 2013

Where are they now? - Latin & Central America

Where are they now? - Middle East & South Asia

Raj Vij - Mumbai - August 2010

Where are they now? - North America

Doug Bannister - December 2021

Sea Staff (OCL, P&OCL, Nedlloyd Lines & P&O Nedlloyd)