We all have memories of our time with the company. and we are very grateful to those who have given PONLHeritage permission to share their recollections below.

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Captain Ken Owen ('Captain Ken')

Captain Ken Owen had a long career at sea which included sailing as master with Overseas Containers Limited (OCL), P&O Containers and P&O Nedlloyd. Ken is now retired and in 2020 he started writing a monthly article for publication under using the pen name 'Captain Ken' in the Mellor Church Outlook magazine. A number of articles that Ken has written are about his time with the company and he has very kindly agreed that we can share them here.

Captain Ken #1 - Liverpool Bay rescue - The story of how, in 1983, the Liverpool Bay picked up 40 refugees off the coast of south east Asia.

Captain Ken #2 - Main Express (Strathconon) marine observation - The spotting of a massive shoal of Velella, more commonly known as 'Portugese Men-of War' or jelly fish.

Captain Ken #3 - Peninsular Bay rescue - Ken's account of the rescue of the crew of another ship in the China Sea in 1990.

Captain Ken #4 - Suez Canal blockage - The Ever Given incident in 2021 and then the Cardigan Bay in 1978.

Captain Ken #5 - Strathconon yacht race rescue - Yachtsman Eric Tabarly rescued in the North Atlantic.

Captain Ken #6 - Fire on board - The story of a series of fire incidents on a ship departing from Hamburg

Captain Ken #7 - The Ship's Cat - Ken's recollections on what was once an essential member of the ship's complement.

John Selsig

Rotterdam terminal in the 1970s - Coal, grain, beetles and a port strike - John's recollections of working in the Rotterdam terminal during the early days of containerisation.

Other recollections...

Cabers to Australia - The story of a shipment of cabers for Highland Games competitions way back in 1971 .