P&O Nedlloyd

At the time of the Maersk takeover, the ancestry of P&O Nedlloyd stretched back nearly 170  years.   The starting could be considered the formation of the Peninsular Steam Navigation Company in London in 1837 and then Koninkllijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot-Maatschappij  (KNSM) in Holland in 1856.  

The ships that started the mail service contract to the Iberian Peninsular were wooden paddle steamers weighing in at a few hundred gross tonnes.  Their descendants were ships like the 1998-built P&O Nedlloyd Kowloon at almost 81,000 GRT carrying nearly 7,000 TEU between the continents of Europe and Asia.   

At its peak P&O Nedlloyd was serving 250 ports across 70 trade routes with a fleet of more than 170 owned and chartered ships. The staff exceeded 13,000 in more than 140 countries and the company was operating a world-class global shipping IT system supporting standardised business processes in all areas of the business.  

The vision for P&O Nedlloyd was to "be the recognized global leader in the point to point full container load shipping market".

Revenue for the year ending 2004 was US$6.71 billion with an operating profit of US$401 million. In March 2005 Royal P&O Nedlloyd was listed on the AEX Index (the 25 most actively traded securities for Dutch companies on Euronext Amsterdam). The company was the third largest shipping company in the world at this point.  Then it was taken over...

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