"This container saved our lives..."

Out of the blue this week we received a message from Christie Edwards. Christie and her husband James run Eggcited in Clarksville, Texas which produces farm fresh eggs. On Friday 4 November their area was hit by a tornado and they wanted to tell us how grateful they were for their ex-P&O Nedlloyd shipping container which they used as a shelter. It is quite a story, and we are very grateful to Christie for sharing it with us...

The F4 tornado which in the Clarksville

area had winds of 180-200mph >

"Hi there,

I was researching the shipping container we had and came across this heritage site. My husband and I took shelter inside our container, November 4th, that we used for a shop and our egg packaging for our farm. We rode inside this container 100 yards flipping over our gooseneck trailer, through huge oak trees, clipping them like toothpicks. We landed across the street in our neighbor's cattle field. I never thought my head could hit so hard and still be alive to tell my story which I would love to share with you as well.

We are pretty quiet folks. But now everyone knows us as the shipping container people. This container saved our life, unbelievably, with everything inside. It was our only option for shelter, we lived on our farm, in a 5th wheel camper. We lost everything, our home, our farm, our container and everything inside the container is a mess. Did you know, insurance will not cover a shipping container as a storage building, unless, you build a roof system over it? So we lost our container and everything inside was unable to be covered. Anyway, I just thought you would like to know this container saved our lives. My husband had gotten home early that day and made a locking mechanism from the inside so we could close ourselves in. If it weren't for that I don't know if we would've flown out or not, but we lived and have a wonderful story to tell of how we found our way out.

I have videos on our fb page."

We hope that Christie and James are able to get the farm back up and running again soon. Anyone who would like to check on their progress can go to:


If you have a story from your time with the company that you would like to share then please contact ponlheritage@gmail.com.