SCARA 2023 Annual Reunion Lunch - Update #3

SCARA: Annual Reunion Lunch - 9 November 2023 

Thanks for the excellent response following our email reminder last weekend.  We'd still love to see more friends and colleagues so if you are hesitating perhaps the updated list of attendees will spur you on................ We hope so and look forward to hearing from you.

Please note, if you have paid by cheque, your name should be on the list, but cheques have not yet been banked.  Due to the lack of facilities cheques will be presented en bloc in a week or so.

International Students House, One Park Crescent, Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN

List of attendees as at 15/10/2023:

John Adams

Mary Anthony

Jan-Piet Baars

Doug Bannister

James Baxter

Terry Bethell

Paul Blanchflower

Stephen Bligh

Tom Boardley

Mario Borzone

Alan Bott

Caroline Bott

Jens Peder Braendeholm

Jackie Brown

Rosemarie Cast (TBC)

Stanley Chalk

Mike Chapman

David Charlesworth

Guy Cheeseman

David Cross

Jane Cross

Carol Fielding

Edmund Filus

Eleanor Grady

Ian Grant

Danny Hallahan

John Hallahan

John Harpur

Adam Hedges

Mal Hurdidge

Richard Hyland

Sandra Isaacson

Bob James

Agnes King

Geoff Lippitt

Martin Lloyd

Ian Malcolm

Adrian Malupa

Carol Marquis

Tony Mason

Belinda McCormack

Michiel Messchaert

Clifford Miller

Robert Milton

Todd Moore

Peter Morley

Les Morris

Stewart Moult

Bill Nelson

Robert Ney

Jeremy Nixon

Joe O'Brien

Arthur Oliva

Tina Osborne

Ken Owen

Frank Palmer

Simon Pearce (TBC)

Christine Phillippo

Steve Plastow

Dave Potter

Mark Poulter

Geoff Robbins

Daphne Roberts

John Roberts

Fiona Ruxton

Trevor Ruxton

Michael Seymour

Richard Smith (TBC)

Peter Snow

Denise Tarrant

Edward van Dorp

Jean Wheeler

Nigel Wilks

Barry Williams

John Williams

David Wilson

For 2023:

David Cross will be in the chair and Jeremy Nixon, CEO Ocean Network Express (ONE) will be our guest speaker.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on the day.  Replies by 12/10/23 if possible please.

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Secretary