SCARA Annual Reunion Lunch Thursday 17 November 2022

It was a wonderful turn out for the 16th SCARA Annual Reunion Lunch with 110 signing up for the event. The feedback has been excellent and with your help we would love to see even more members and friends present in 2023. As our SCARA Chairman David Cross has said….that’s only 50 weeks away!

Thanks to everyone who supported the event. We did take a risk, not knowing if it would be scuppered by travel disruptions, but luck was on our side and the risk paid off…. it even stopped raining!

A special mention to those who had an early start including colleagues who travelled from the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Derbyshire, and Herefordshire.

There was one ‘little’ hiccup on the day, an unexpected delay of 45 minutes in opening the bar! Unforgivable but I think we quickly made up for the lost drinking time.

The 2022 event was hosted by SCARA Chairman David Cross, and we were pleased to welcome SCARA President Robert Woods and Guest Speaker Doug Bannister, CEO Port of Dover to the event.

The Welcoming Party! - Eleanor Grady, Hilary Perring & Mary Anthony

SCARA Chairman David Cross and SCARA President Robert Woods

Our guest Speaker Doug Bannister

Sandra Davy and Fiona Ruxton with the raffle!


John Adams

Myrtle Alexander

Mary Anthony

Doug Bannister

Stephen Barraclough

James Baxter

Terry Bethell

Paul Blanchflower

Stephen Bligh *

Mike Board *

Tom Boardley

Alan Bott OBE

Caroline Bott

Jens Peder Braendeholm

Marilyn Braendeholm

Jackie Brown

Roger Brown

Kim Burrell

Les Catling

Stanley Chalk

Mike Chapman

David Charlesworth

Steve Corkhill *

Tony Coughlin *

David Cross

Jane Cross

Julie Curran

Ray Davis

Sandra Davy

Alex Ellinis *

Sue Evans

Carol Fielding

David Fox

Bob Gooch *

Peter Goodfellow

Henry Gorton

Eleanor Grady

Ian Grant

Alistair Grote

Lynda Grote

Danny Hallahan

John Hallahan

John Harpur

Adam Hedges

Mick Helsby

Mal Hurdidge

Richard Hyland

Bob James *

Martin Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Tom Johnson

Agnes King

Jim Landers

John Leach

Karen Levy

Martin Lloyd

John Loftin

Ian Malcolm

Adrian Malupa

Tony Mason

Belinda McCormack

Erica Merrifield-Harris

Clifford Miller

Robert Milton

Todd Moore

Peter Morley

Tracey Morritt

Les Morris

Stewart Moult

Christopher Naylor

Bill Nelson

Sylvia Norton

Joe O’Brien

Arthur Oliva

Tina Osborne

Captain Ken Owen

Frank Palmer

Karen Payne

Barbara Pease

Hilary Perring

John Peterson

Christine Phillippo

Steve Plastow

Dave Potter

Mark Poulter

Tim Power

Zoeb Raniwala

Anton Ratnayake

Vicky Revill-Whelan

Diana Ricketts-Tanner

Debbie Risbridger

Geoff Robbins

Daphne Roberts

John Roberts

Colin Rumble

Graham Russell

Fiona Ruxton

Trevor Ruxton

Mike Shoesmith

Stanley Smulders

Julia Thomas

Edward van Dorp

Tim Walder

Nigel Wilks

Angela Wilcox

Barry Williams *

John Williams

David Wilson

Michael Woods

Robert Woods CBE

...and from the Mission to Seafarers:

Maureen Hockliffe

Sam Martin

Tessa Perfect

* Apologies received

Captain Ken Owen, John Loftin and Geoff Robbins.

Tracey Morritt and Vicky Revill-Whelan.

Tina Osborne, Tim Walder, Todd Moore and Sue Evans.

L-R: Julie Curran, Belinda McCormack + Chris Phillippo

Henry Gorton, Frank Palmer, John Williams and Rob Milton.

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Secretary


Photographs kindly provided by Jim Baxter & David Charlesworth. The images above images are just small sample of those taken on the day so to see the full collection please go to Google photos.

Descriptions including names are available - If the text doesn't immediately appear then click on the lower case ' i ' in the top right-hand corner of an image - Apologies in advance to anyone pictured who is shown as 'TBC' rather than being named. If you can help identify anyone, then please send an email to