The Container Guide

The Container Guide

P&O Containers - European Edition - June 1992 - 36 pages

"Basic information on the characteristics and dimensions of our various types of container is featured in this publication together with some practical advice on cargo handling and packing of containers. At the rear of the publication we have included information on Australasian quarantine regulations and requirements for the movement of Dangerous Goods."

Some examples of the pages in this document follow below:

Page 2 - Index

Page 4 - Introduction

Page 5 - General Purpose containers

Page 9 - Insulated containers

Page 10 - Refrigerated containers

Page 16 - Uncontainerable cargo

Page 20 - Even Weight Distribution and Stowage Hints

Page 35 - Dangerous Goods and Marine Pollutants in Containers

Rear cover - List of P&O Containers Europe offices