Start with P&O Nedlloyd

Start with P&O Nedlloyd

Edition 9/98 - 133 pages

"... has been produced to provide an introduction to P&O Nedlloyd.

The container shipping business is a complex industry with many people, departments and offices around the world, involved in our door-to-door shipping operation.

P&O nedlloyd was formed in January, 1997 and this manual provides an overview of the new organisation's structure and business processes. It is designed to show each function's role and give a 'flavour' of how the business operates as well as providing a foundation block of knowledge on which to build from.

The information has been compiled in close liaison with management and employees of each department to ensure that the information is correct and most up to date at the time or printing. As in all large organisations, things are continually changing, therefore, this manual should provide you with a framework to help understand where the changes are happening and to begin your portfolio of company information.

Human Resource Management Guidelines set out company policy for employee development as follows:

'P&O Nedlloyd regards employee development as an important tool for developing the skills and capabilities of their employees. Although the Company will support and provide tools, the primary responsibility for development and job satisfaction lies with the individual employee.'

HRM Guiding Principles

We hope that you will find this manual a valuable part of the company's support in your development."

Some examples of the pages in this document follow below:

Page 2 - Contents

Page 4 - In the 1990s...

Page 5 - History & Structure (1)

Page 6 - History & Structure (2)

Page 7 - Organisational Structure

Page 8 - Worldwide Structure

Page 9 - Responsibilities & Sub-Committees (1)

Page 10 - Responsibilities & Sub-Committees (2)