PONL Italy Reunion April 2024

A group of nearly eighty former P&O Nedlloyd staff met up on Saturday 13 April at a deconsecrated church in San Donata, Italy.   The organisation of the event was led by Carmen Pizzola who very kindly provided the following account and the accompanying photographs:

Dear All, 

As PONL Italy we organized a heartwarming and emotional reunion of nearly 100 colleagues for a memorable brunch after two decades apart. 

This event underscored a truth we've always known: the bonds formed from such values endure, creating something truly special that lasts a lifetime.

A special thanks to my friends, colleagues  ..husband, all Ponllers - we worked together : 

Thanks to everyone who joined us and contributed to this unforgettable day. 

It's clear that it's the people who make the difference and together, we've made it!!  

Carmen Pizzola 

P&ONller  in the heart

"This gathering was not just a reunion for us... It highlighted the enduring power of P&O Nllers teamwork we are friends, community… we are family."