PONL Italy reunion 2023

We'd like to thank Luciano Gusmeri for this report on the 18th PONL Italy Christmas reunion that took place on 2 December 2023:

"As usual we are writing some words after the PONL Italy Christmas reunion.  These events have been running every year since 2006 and this year's organizer was Marco Ciccaglia who arranged our lunch at Cantina Enrico Crola in Mezzomerico, a small village close to  Novara and one hour's drive from Milano. 

From left to right: Luciano Gusmeri, Elena Lampugnani, Fulvia Lampugnani, Max Carobolante, Carmen Pizzola, Francesca Pira, Nicole de Berardinis, Gianpaolo Belotti, Alessandro Marigolo, Paolo Sangalli, Giovanni Dagradi, Giuseppe Turchetti, Giorgio Gaudenzi, Marco Ciccaglia, Simone Giacomini, Max Scaramelli, Erik Wormgoor, Marcello Mazzetti and Alberto Rossi.    


This year there was one beautiful statement from Max Scaramelli... "We were colleagues then we became friends now we are a family!!"  

A group of colleagues of PONL Italy are now organizing another reunion in February/March 2024 and at this get together we will be more than 100 !!!!

Luciano Gusmeri"