SCARA Southampton reunion - 21 April 2022

John Williams, Malcolm Coomer, John Blackmore, Peter Powell, Freda Forse, Mandy Atherton, Peter Brown and David Cross.

Here in the UK we’ve seen regular regional reunions in Birmingham and Liverpool but not for the south. To address this, SCARA decided last year that Southampton would be a great place for an informal gathering so Julian Bevis and Jim Baxter volunteered to organise the event!

A gathering of course needs a venue so Jim and Julian, with local support from David Brace, did the research and came up with the Duke of Wellington on Bugle Street, between the old docks and the city centre. The date was then fixed for 21 April and the word went out. There was a great response with an incredible 51 signing up and 46 making it on the day.

Following the event Geoff Lock kindly sent in his impressions of the day:

Sue and I attended the first SCARA reunion in sunny Southampton on 21st April, held at the Duke of Wellington, one of Southampton’s oldest hostelries. It was good to meet up with old friends and colleagues and we were surprised at how many were there, considering this was a first attempt. The venue was a little cramped, with so many there, but I think that added to the atmosphere. There was a noisy buzz about the place from start to finish, happy reminiscences and a chance to catch up with what colleagues are up to now. I am sure that the success of the first one will make it necessary to arrange further meetings. Everyone I spoke to agreed and most of those in attendance could find others to invite in future.

A very good afternoon spent in very enjoyable company

Sincere Thanks go to Jim and Annie Baxter, Julian Bevis, David Cross and the SCARA committee.

Geoff Lock

Tony Beardmore, Julie Illston, Mike Chapman and Shirley Wheeler.
Jacky Sisson, Richard Sisson, John Williams, Doug Gates, Richard James, Malcom Comer ,Mandy Atherton, Bob Eaton and David Cross.

Geoff is just one of many to provide some great feedback and it’s obvious that there is a strong demand for SCARA events at this end of the country. So a repeat next year in certainly on the cards, but we are also considering ‘something in the summer’. Watch this space!

Julian & Jim

With many thanks to Geoff and Sue Lock who kindly acted as our photographers for the event.


Mary Anthony

Amanda Atherton

Annie Appleyard

James Baxter

Tony Beardmore

Dawn Beardmore

Julian Bevis

John Blackmore

Pat Boyle

Peder Braendeholm

Peter Brown

Mike Chapman

Malcolm Coomer

David Cross

Peter Davies

Gary Joyce, Pam Burch and Trudi Shearn.
Freda Forse, Dawn Beardmore and Sue Lock.
Simon and Jenny Dyer, Bob and Dinah Eaton and Doug Gates.

Simon Dyer

Jenny Dyer

Bob Eaton

Dinah Eaton

Freda Forse

Nick Gaden

Douglas Gates

Adam Hedges

Julie Illston

Richard James

Gary Joyce

Richard Lewis

Karen Levy

Geoff Lock

Susan Lock

John Loftin

Gary Joyce, Malcolm Coomer and Ian Thomson.
Richard Lewis, Freda Forse, Mandy Atherton, Peter Brown.
Ian Thomson, Bob Eaton and Richard Lewis.

Peter Powell

Jerry Rickcord

Bonnie Rickcord

Lyndy Seymour

Michael Seymour

Trudi Shearn

Richard Sisson

Jacky Sisson

Richard Thomas

Ian Thomson

Dave Warner

Pam Warner

Georgia Wheeler

Shirley Wheeler

John Williams

Julian Bevis, John Blackmore and Pat Boyle.
Karen Levy and Trudi Shearn.
Mike Chapman, Shirley Wheeler and Jacky Sisson.