SCARA Rose Bowl Challenge

Post date: May 19, 2011 9:45:30 PM

12 May 2011

A nice relaxed day was had by all at Stoke By Nayland Golf Course in South Suffolk for the Second SCARA Rose Bowl Challenge. Normally a championship course in tip top condition, however I think Thursday was a "tidy up day" for the members for the weekend as there was a great deal of work going on which was a tad unfortunate.

We all tee'd off on the Gainsborough course, and our first 3 ball did a great job in letting the Clubhouse know we were on the course as one of our members (no names as to protect the innocent) fired 2 scorchers at the clubhouse scoring 2 direct hits.............I am sure I saw a white flag being waved from the spike bar window as he tee'd up for a third time ;-)

We can all confirm that there is no hose pipe ban in Suffolk at the most fairways had a bright yellow one on it watering the Fairway!! In fact one Fairway had one so badly positioned there were 3 of our golf balls resting against it which took at least another 100 yards off our drives!! (Oh OK maybe 10 yds then).

At the third hole we had Nearest the Pin (or should it be nearest the 2 teenage groundsmen repairing the green). This was won by Steve Barraclough with a sterling effort.

After the ninth hole came a well received respite in the Halfway House selling everything that a golfer would want after 9 holes of "avoid the Yellow snake"- Coffee, Tea, Pastries, Pies, Chocolate, Alcohol, and "60

minute Makeover" on the telly. (Seeing that I had to tee off at the tenth, could anyone in the following group tell me if the woman went for Red Chintz curtains in the lounge or the Green ones??)

The 15th hole saw the longest drive competition which for a long time Graham Knibbs held, a fantastic drive flirting with trees to the right and various bunkers. However, this magnificent drive was overshadowed by a colossal whack by Nigel Chew, which apparently was heading for Essex when first hit, but luckily for him struck a tree, then a tractor, possibly an unsuspecting courting couple in the next field and ended up bouncing past Graham's marker....................... Nigel well deserved the longest drive anyway as after dinner drove all the way back to Huddersfield!! Now that's a drive.... and we commend him for his dedication to the Competition.

The Competition was won by Steve Barraclough off of 16 handicap with 37 points - a great result bearing in mind the hazards on the course. Steve will receive the Rose Bowl (if only for a few seconds) at the next luncheon to be presented by Lady St Johnston. (The official photographer will surely get one for the album Steve)

We had difficulties in keeping the numbers up this year with so many people unfortunately dropping out. This meant that we did not have the minimum required numbers for the carvery we had booked, therefore we had to endure a "Vesta" Packet Chicken Curry and rice. However everyone was very relaxed about the day and everyone was keen to be included next year.

Therefore Adrian and myself will endeavour to search the country for the next venue for the Third Rose Bowl Challenge .

Kindest Regards

Roger Brown