SCARA New Year update

Post date: Jan 01, 2015 2:15:52 PM


Dear SCARA Member,

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all SCARA Members.

"Marjorie worked for OCL/P&OCL at Barking and Beagle House for a number of years, mainly on accounting matters, I believe.

Her funeral was held at Southend Crematorium on Thursday 13th November at 15-20 with a wake at Westcliff Rugby Club.  Aviation Way SS2 6UN

She started her career at McGregor Gow & Holland (agents for Glen Line) in the City of London.  Marjorie was known by her maiden name which was 'Everitt'. She married Keith Seaman who also worked for MGH. They had 2 daughters.  She divorced and married David Shaer, having met at Walford Lines where they both worked.


David, delivered the eulogy (which ran into 5 foolscap pages!!) The congregation of at least 250 people (standing room only) were kept in ore of David's presentation which he made very amusing!  Marjorie smoked right up to the last and as he said in his address she smoked more than 6 factory chimneys!! Before the curtains closed around the coffin he said oh there is one last thing I have to do. He produced an ashtray with a cigarette on for ' Marjorie's last puf'f!!

Her first husband Keith was in the congregation and David said they were good  friends and had even been on holiday, all together.

A fantastic spread was laid on at the Westclff Rugby Club where we met many of her family and lovely friends. I said we, as I took two of the 'Girls' Marjorie first worked with at MGH when she was 16. They were Mrs Maureen Curran nee Rason and Mrs Yvonne Rowson nee Garwood."

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Hon.Sec.

The passing away of Captain Leslie and Marjorie Shaer, the date for the 2015 Rose Bowl Challenge golfing day and a request for photos taken at the 2014 SCARA lunch...