SCARA Golf Competition May 2022

SCARA GOLF COMPETITION for the Lady Kerry St Johnston Rose Bowl - 19 May 2022

The much anticipated review provided by Roger Brown (circulated to SCARA members 01/06/2022)

So it was that Organiser Adrian Malupa called on the weather guru's and made it stop raining about an hour before we tee'd off, and for the rest of the day glorious sunshine.

30 people braved the stormy wet weather to get to Bentley Essex, a testimony to their resolve that they did not turn back and return to their day jobs (or garden pottering) but they were rewarded with a day of catching up with old work colleagues, a course in great nick, and weather to boot.Chairman David Cross turned up for Coffee and the meet and greet carrying in a small wooden box. Someone asked me what it was and I informed them that David kept hamsters and that he took them everywhere with him (*).

The Box turned out to be the new home for the LKSJ Rose Bowl, in fact a very sensible idea bearing in mind that this competition is for UK SCARA members, thus the Rose Bowl is already a well travelled piece of Silverware.

Adrian and David Addressing the players...

The dear old Club starter addressed us on the first Tee to give everyone a lengthy lecture regarding the course. It was hard to concentrate on what he was saying as he was dressed this year in Banana Yellow flares! looking like he had just walked off the set of "Saturday Night Fever". He had earlier taken a Buggy that Norman Dear had pre-booked all the way out to the far side of the course just to put out the longest drive marker, (something the first 4 ball usually takes out with them) and he was gone some time, it was doubtful whether Norman would have enough electric to get round himself now.

When we all got to the longest drive hole, the longest drive marker could not be seen. After playing the hole, we eventually found it closer to the green than the tee. Geoff Robbins remarked "did he think we could drive a ball 400 yards !, I'm no John Daley"..(*)

Whilst we are on the subject of Longest Drive - this years winner was SCARA member Steve Gawler with a drive of 401 yards (*)

Steve picking up his Longest Drive prize, some Tee's and a AA roadmap of the UK.

The Nearest the Pin went to guest Darren Storm with undoubtedly one of the Nearest to the Pins in our history.

Darren at the scene - a strike that never left the pin and thanks to the earlier rain allowed him to get close.

The Overall Guest prize went to Geoff Marchant (in the foreground Red shirt) and Dave Lock (foreground right) picked up the second prize, NP winner Darren came third.

This Years Third place SCARA member was Big Ade. Here he is with David Cross laughing at the golf ball I was using today. Its not my fault I don't play anymore and I am reduced to playing with my Grandads old Gutta Percha's !

Second Place went to Simon Moore, His first appearance at our prestigious event.

And Last but not least, and may I say a very worthy winner (bearing in mind he drives down from the Kingdom of Yorkshire) and First time winner of the LKSJ Rose Bowl, Nigel Chew.

Our Thanks to all the Members and Guests that make the event a very important part of the SCARA calendar. Thanks to David and Adrian in managing the whole thing.

Best wishes to all

Roger Brown

(*) Footnotes- Hamster joke courtesy of Mick Gander Supervisor CTO dept Beagle House late 70's - Micks comment to a guy called Osbourne? from Finance or EDP used to come into our office daily with a similar sized cardboard box, probably full of computer punch cards.

Geoff Robbins did not say this but was equally not happy that he had to walk the length of the hole to retrieve the marker so as to record his drive.

Steve Gawler recorded a good drive but obviously not circa 400 yards

More photos available in the SCARA Golf Day 2022 album