SCARA Golf Day 2014

Post date: Jul 10, 2014 7:5:1 PM

SCARA ROSEBOWL - Won by Steve Barraclough

Runner up - Adrian Malupa

GUEST COMPETITION-  Won by Alan Malcolm  (no its not one of Ian's love children ;-))

Runner Up - Tony Thurlow

LONGEST DRIVE - Peter Taylor (guest)

NEAREST THE PIN - Darren Storm

Roger Brown

Another Great Day was had by all at the Bentley Golf Club, Brentwood Essex in May to challenge for the Rose Bowl kindly donated by Lady St Johnston.

Due to the obvious fact that we are a pension fund club of a group of people that worked for a company that unfortunately no longer exists, and that the chances of us getting "young blood" in the Golfing Section under the age of 55 will be a challenge, the inclusion of guests and more importantly old customers of our fine steamship company, certainly swells our numbers for the day.

No real funny stories to report for the front 9 as everyone was concentrating so hard to get a good outward 9 scorecard, however unforeseen on the horizon around the latter holes of the front 9 was "Armageddon" - A cold and wet front that basically tipped a full bath of cold water over all of us-  not only were some score cards ruined points score card was Papier-mâché at the turn.  it was only the sight of one of my Guests Tony Thurlow coming through the trees offering me a hip flask, (I was on a different fairway at the time, such was the effect of the storm) that kept me from walking back to the clubhouse.

The ferocious to and froing of the top spot on the leader board was between Adrian Malupa and Steve "I own a rosebowl that permanently sits on my sideboard" was going all the way to the wire....all the way to the 18th.......but then Adrian had a "Did I lock the back door moment"  and blew it on the last, ensuring that Mrs Barraclough did not have to transfer the roses to another vase.

Adrian said " I hit a long straight drive down the middle on the last, but then I saw the clouds rolling in and I thought..... I did not want another soaking, and I thought of all the admin I had to do when in the clubhouse, and had Roger Brown paid his deposit?.....and it all went Pete Tong"

So Steve was crowned again........well done Mr Barraclough!

Adrian is thinking of getting a picture of Steve and Mike Shoesmith to sit on Lady St Johnston's sideboard as a reminder of the constant custodians of the Rosebowl.... Do I detect a tinge of bitterness there Adie boy?   ;-)

Bentley Golf Course once again came up trumps with the service on the 19th - absolutely brilliant meal and service as usual.....In fact the Bentley said they would invest in the future of SCARA golf days by supplying zimmer frames at the 18th hole, and putting in a Stannah lift......Nice touch we thought.

Dear old Ian Malcolm, one of the best steamship sales reps ever to park his backside in a Vauxhall Cavalier and Lord of all he surveyed in Herts Bucks and Beds was royally looked after by one of his old customers from way back - Tony Thurlow along with colleagues Darren and Steve all work for a relocation company that Ian used to call on years back - and not only did the boys pick him and his clubs up from the door of his house in Greenford, but also later that evening carried him and his clubs into his house, putting Ian to bed and ensuring that he has a bedtime cocoa!...  To me that is what this day is all about!