SCARA Golf Day (19/05/2015)

Post date: Oct 20, 2015 9:48:20 PM

Scara members and guests yet again enjoyed a great day at the Bentley Golf Club in Brentwood Essex this year. The relaxed atmosphere and format of the day, which Adrian Malupa had instigated from the start with this annual event, still very much enjoyed by all that attend. what is more the guests seem keen to be re-invited so that says a lot about how successful it really is.

The way the clubhouse is situated, allows Scara members and the guests that are out first to sit a have a leisurely drink on the patio, whilst "taking the proverbial" out of everyone finishing on the 18th hole. A tradition I hope continues for many years to come.

It's very hard to commentate on everyone's round ,bearing in mind the writer is put out first in his 4 ball so that he can collect and score all the score cards as they come in....and yes I am one of the leading Micky takers on the patio.......any bad putt, complete dis-regard to etiquette, very loud trousers...anything will be jumped on...which is only "in keeping" with the sense of occasion Adrian had installed.

I think I did witness the shot of the day by Robert Falconer Jnr of W.E Deane Freight Forwarders- Barking (a Stoic supporter of OCL and P&O to South Africa back in the day). Robert was left with basically "no" shot to the par 3 12th green. He had an old WW2 concrete air raid bunker overgrown with trees and bracken in front of him after a wayward shot....but wait.... he notices a triangle of daylight in the direction of the green, and states that he is going to attempt to put his ball through it. After myself and his dad (Bob Falconer senior) remonstrated that he was a "sandwich short of a picnic" to attempt it, he duly ignored his seniors and hit his ball not only clean through the small gap, but to within 3 foot of the pin and made par!

This year's winner was indeed a great success story, Steve "Box Lane legend" Gawler blew away everyone on the course and came in a worthy winner on a relatively low handicap. Steve has overcome some major ops on his legs, and to turn up and put in such a performance, let alone attempt 18 holes, is utterly amazing, and it was a pleasure for big Ade to hand over the Rosebowl to Stevie.

The day ends with the normal relaxed dinner and the many stories swapped about the "Old Firm", one that was very poignant involved once again our old Legend Ian Malcolm who was sitting next to a guest, the guest happened to be Paul Bigley who was Sales Rep for Hapag Lloyd in Herts, Bucks and Beds at exactly the same time as Ian ruled all he surveyed in the same patch!!- as the picture shows of the 2 of them, Golf is a great leveler and start of many friendships.

Roger Brown

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