SCARA Golf Day 14th May 2013.

Post date: May 23, 2013 8:9:7 PM

Firstly on behalf of the Golf Section of SCARA, we would like to pay our respects to the families of the members of SCARA that have unfortunately passed on this last 12 month. In particular Patrick Burrows, who a lot of us had the pleasure of working alongside in Beagle House. He was a keen member of our Fledgling Golf Society. Patrick's enthusiasm and beaming face will be sorely missed.

So onto our 4th SCARA ROSEBOWL CHALLENGE. Quickly skipping over the usual boring start to these reports i.e Golf course was blah blah, Greens were blah blah, staff were blah blah and weather was crap. What I will say is Bentley Golf club in Brentwood has cemented itself as our anchor residency for the foreseeable future of the Rose Bowl Challenge, as basically it ticks all the boxes for a great days golfing and in particular the “19th hole services”.....Everyone is in agreement that it is a great venue.

Now onto the weather, which I will blame Adrian Malupa for totally...... as it was he who checked the BBC forecast the day before and rang to convince me that we would be off the course by the time a nasty weather front hit Brentwood. Being first out with my 3 guests I thought we had a chance of staying dry, however we had to don our wet gear before the second shot of the day, (a function we all did at least another 16 times.... in fact I doubt if Kate Moss at the Paris Fashion show gets her kit on and off as many times!) Adrian got the “Michael Fish” award.

Our heart sank as we were told we would be following the local “Womens Institute Golf sections Tuesday morning swindle” Ian Malcolm I think it was even assisted one old lady to the tee...... Not sure of his motives however a friendly helpful thing to do nonetheless.

We all thought we were looking at a long old round, with Adrian having to ask the club's chef to put our dinners in foil on gas mark 3 until we got back in....however our first 4 ball never saw the ladies again! Such was their speed at getting round. Or probably it was due to us simulating golf shots that would only be seen at a Red Arrows Aerobatic display.

Details of the state of play for all the different 3 and 4 balls that set out to win the coveted Rose Bowl is hard to report on, and I dare say they all carry humorous moments. Every member was focused with grim determination and concentration.... However I was told that as usual ,we suitably embarrassed ourselves with bombarding” various “out buildings” on the Bentley course, a record the Luftwaffe would have been proud of.

Guests Tony Thurlow and Darren Storm in the first 4 ball set down fantastic markers for Longest Drive and Nearest the Pin, however I forgot to tell them about “THE SHOESMITH”! Top Gear has the STIG....we have “THE SHOESMITH” ....... Knowing that his score was not up to his usual very high standard.... In his mind he had already cancelled the trip to Sainsbury’s fruit and veg aisle to pick up the apples, bananas, pears and little green things he would present Sheila with as he walked through his front door with a full ROSEBOWL once again.........”THE SHOESMITH” knew there was only one thing to both the other 2 prizes. At hole 14 and 17...he pulled up his collar, turned his cap around, and let rip with a couple of beauties.......”THE SHOESMITH” returns!!

(Longest Drive should go to Geoff’s a bloody long way from Southern Turkey!)

Adrian was Leading in trap 3 of the toilets with a score of 32, however by the time he re-joined us in the dining hall, Steve Barraclough had arrived in with a solid 35 points , making him this year’s winner of the Rose Bowl .

The Guest prize was won by Steve Armsby with 35.

I would like to make a special mention of the way everyone was turned out for dinner – Very smart indeed..... and totally in keeping with P&O fact when Ken Bedward came into the dining area looking like he had just stepped out of “Burtons” window..... someone did remark whether he was going on to an interview!

See you all plus others next year.

Roger Brown

Rosebowl winner Steve Barraclough receiving his award from organiser Roger Brown