SCARA Christmas Message 2021

As Christmas is fast approaching and it is already early December, I wanted to send a short

message to everyone. 2021 has been another year dominated by Covid and its associated

problems and we were very lucky that we managed to hold our annual lunch in London in

November, together with local reunions in Liverpool and Birmingham earlier in the year.

From the comments that I have received people who attended these events enjoyed

themselves and look forward to coming again next year, when we hope to arrange more

regional events, hopefully in Manchester and Southampton, as well as our lunch in London.

The three events we managed to hold attracted just under 200 SCARA members. That is

over a third of the membership. Going into 2022 and beyond the Committee and I are

determined to get more of our membership involved. As we all get older, shorter distance

travel becomes more appealing for the majority, hence the attention to more regional get

togethers. We are also exploring greater use of a “Facebook” type website which works

well in other parts of the world. We will keep you advised of progress and if anyone has any

ideas or suggestions about how to make our SCARA better, please do not hesitate to contact

me or the committee.

On a more lighthearted note, the picture of me beside my car shows how seriously I am

taking my new role!

Finally, I should like to wish everyone in SCARA and their families a very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year. 

David Cross

December 2021