SCARA Annual Reunion Lunch 2023 report

The welcoming team - SCARA committee members Eleanor Grady, Belinda McCormack & Mary Anthony

SCARA 2023 Annual Reunion Lunch - Thursday 9 November 2023

International Students House (One Park Crescent, London)

Another splendid turn out for the 17th SCARA Annual Reunion Lunch with 90 members and guests attending.  The atmosphere was vibrant with everyone there clearly enjoying the opportunity to catch up again with friends and colleagues.  It was great to see some new faces as well as the return of regulars.  

All the catering and bar arrangements went very smoothly with an excellent hot and cold buffet, and lots of it.  There were many takers for seconds.

Roger Brown was greatly missed following his very sad and untimely death earlier in the year, but it was wonderful to have his delightful widow Jackie with us, representing Roger.  We very much hope she will be able to join us for future lunches.  

SCARA Chairman David Cross relayed SCARA President Robert Woods’ apologies for being elsewhere (some exotic holiday location) and read out a charming letter from Lady St. Johnston accepting SCARA invitation to continue as Honorary Vice President and apologising for absence due to problems with her balance but wishing the attendees well and hoping to be able to join us again in the future.

We were delighted to welcome our Guest Speaker Jeremy Nixon, the Global CEO of Ocean Network Express (ONE), the new joint venture company founded by the K Line, MOL and NYK Group companies.  He gave an outline of his time with P&O Containers and P&O Nedlloyd, and subsequent career to date. He then went on to summarise his views of the state of the container shipping market, rounding off with a brief, and amusing, ‘promotion’ of the ONE organisation, and its pink (sorry magenta) ships.

The lunch was a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Guest speaker Jeremy Nixon


John Adams

Mary Anthony

Jan-Piet Baars

Doug Bannister

James Baxter

Terry Bethell

Paul Blanchflower

Mike Board

Tom Boardley

Mario Borzone

Alan Bott OBE

Caroline Bott

Jens Peder Braendeholm

Karen Brookes

Jackie Brown

Simon Brown

Stanley Chalk

Joan Chapman

Mike Chapman

David Charlesworth

Guy Cheeseman

Nigel Chew

Tony Coughlin

David Cross

Jane Cross

Alex Ellinis

Carol Fielding

Edmund Filus

David Fox

Bob Gooch

Eleanor Grady

Ian Grant

Alistair Grote

Danny Hallahan

John Hallahan

John Harpur

Adam Hedges

Mal Hurdidge

Richard Hyland

Sandra Isaacson

Bob James

Agnes King

Karen Levy

Geoff Lippitt

John Loftin

Ian Malcolm

Adrian Malupa

Carol Marquis

Tony Mason

Belinda McCormack

Erica Merrifield-Harris

Michiel Messchaert

Clifford Miller

Robert Milton

Todd Moore

Peter Morley

Les Morris

Stewart Moult

Bill Nelson

Robert Ney

Jeremy Nixon

Joe O'Brien

Arthur Oliva

Tina Osborne

Captain Ken Owen

Frank Palmer

Debbie Paxton

Hilary Perring

Christine Phillippo

Steve Plastow

Dave Potter

Mark Poulter

Tim Power

Vicky Revill-Whelan

Fiona Ruxton

Trevor Ruxton

Michael Seymour

Mike Shoesmith

Peter Snow QSM

Denise Tarrant

Edward van Dorp

Jean Wheeler

Nigel Wilks

Barry Williams

John Williams

David Wilson

Michael Woods

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Stephen Bligh

Martin Lloyd

Geoff Robbins

Daphne Roberts

John Roberts

Colin Rumble

André Toet

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