SCARA 2022 Annual Reunion Lunch - Update 2

SCARA Reunion Lunch Thursday 17 November 2022

Please find below latest list of attendees for the SCARA Reunion Lunch scheduled for Thursday 17 Nov 2022.

There is still time and plenty of space, so please consider joining us. It would be great to see you. Don't delay, check out the names on the list of attendees and take this opportunity to catch-up with old friends and colleagues.

Mrs Mary Anthony

Mr Doug Bannister

Mr Stephen Barraclough

Mr James Baxter

Mr Terry Bethell

Mr Paul Blanchflower

Mr Mike Board

Mr Tom Boardley

Mr Peder Braendeholm

Mrs Marilyn Braendeholm

Mr Roger Brown

Brown Plus1 TBA

Brown Plus1 TBA

Mr Les Catling

Mr Stanley Chalk

Mr Mike Chapman

Mr David Charlesworth

Mr Nigel Chew

Mr Stephen Corkhill

Mr David Cross

Mrs Jane Cross

Mr Ray Davis

Mrs Sandra Davy

Miss Carol Fielding

Mr Edmund Filus

Mr Bob Gooch

Mr Peter Goodfellow

Mr Henry Gordon

Ms Eleanor Grady

Mr Ian Grant

Mr John Hallahan

Mr Adam Hedges

Mr Mick J Helsby

Mr Mal Hurdidge

Mr Bob James

Mr Martin Johnson

Mrs Agnes King

Mr John Leach

Miss Karen Levy

Mr Martin Lloyd

Mr John Loftin

Mr Ian Malcolm

Mr Adrian Malupa

Mr Tony Mason

Mrs Belinda McCormack

Mrs Erica Merrifield-Harris

Mr Clifford Miller

Mr Robert Milton

Mr Peter Morley

Mr Stewart Moult

Mrs Sylvia Norton

Mr Joe O'Brien

Mr Arthur Oliva

Captain Ken Owen

Mr Frank Palmer

Mrs Barbara Pease

Ms Hilary Perring

Ms Christine Phillippo

Mr Steve Plastow

Mr Dave Potter

Mr Mark Poulter

Mr Zoeb Raniwala

Mr Anton Ratnayake

Ms Diana Ricketts-Tanner

Mr John Roberts

Mrs Daphne Roberts

Mr Graham Russell

Mrs Fiona Ruxton

Mr Trevor Ruxton

Mr Stanley Smulders

Mr Nigel Wilks

Mr Barry Williams

Mr David Wilson

Mr Michael Woods

Mr Robert Woods CBE

If you have already confirmed your attendance but your name does not appear on the list, please do let me know. Could be stuck in the postal system or it could possibly be an omission on my part. If your acceptance has been sent in the post you are especially asked to check the list. I'm still waiting for a bank card said to have been posted 2 weeks ago!

We look forward to hearing from you (please send an email to if you have not received a formal invitation).

Please note that SCARA messages go out to an 'All Members List', please ignore if you have already responded or it is not relevant to you.

Best regards

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Secretary