SCARA 2014 Annual Reunion Lunch

Post date: Jan 12, 2015 8:37:16 PM

Who would have thought that Friday 31st October would turn out to be the warmest Halloween on record in the UK? A temperature of 23.6C was recorded in Gravesend, Kent and Kew Gardens, Greater London, surpassing the previous record of 20.0C. Well this caught some of us out, including The Grand Connaught Rooms, the venue for our reunion. One female member had to pop to the shops to purchase a thin blouse to replace the wool jumper she had arrived in; and that was before the excitement of meeting old friends and colleagues! And the Connaught Rooms management initially turned off the air con as they thought it might be too cool for us…..

We were very pleased to welcome Lady St. Johnston as our guest once again and it was her pleasure to present the winner of the 2014 Golf Challenge with the cup which went straight back to Steve Barraclough who also won it in 2013. We were also delighted that our President Robert Woods was able to be with us this time.

The list below shows the names of those who reserved a place at the reunion luncheon. Unfortunately some did not manage to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. The pictures received from members have been posted on the PONLHeritage website. If anyone else has photographs of the lunch, we would be glad to post those to the website too.

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Hon.Sec.

Ms Myrtle Alexander

Mr Andy Allan

Mr Clive Allen

Mrs Mary Anthony

Mrs Margaret Baguley

Mr James Baldwin

Mr Stephen Barraclough

Mrs Jill Baughen

Mr James Baxter

Mr Tony Beardmore

Mr Mike Bernard

Mr Terry Bethell

Mr Paul Blanchflower

Mr Tony Blumer OBE

Mr Mike Board

Mrs Jacqueline Boots

Mr Alan Bott OBE

Mr Bob Bowen

Mr Pat Boyle

Mr Peter Brabyn

Mr Jens Peder Braendeholm

Mrs Nicola Brien

Mr Roger Brown

Mr Jon Buckley

Mrs Barbara Gough

Mr Ian Grant

Mr Danny Hallahan

Mr John Hallahan

Mr John Hallett

Miss Barbara Harley

Mr Bernie Heard

Mr Adam Hedges

Mr Chris Holt

Mrs Jackie Honour

Mr David Hooper

Mr Trevor Hopkins

Mrs Lisa Hughes

Mr Mal Hurdidge

Mr Richard Hyland

Mrs Sandra Isaacson

Mrs Christine Jones

Mrs Agnes King

Mr Geoff Lippitt

Mr John Lloyd

Mr Martin Lloyd

Mr Peter Low

Mr Ian Malcolm

Mr Adrian Malupa

Mrs Dawn Martin

Mr Tony Mason

Mr Ron Mathias

Mrs Belinda McCormack

Mr John McGurk

Mrs Erica Merrifield-Harris

Miss Diane Mill

Mr Clifford Miller

Mr Robert Milton

Mr Patrick Moore OBE

Mrs Pauline Noke

Mr Joe O'Brien

Mr Arthur Oliva

Mrs Tina Osborne

Mr Andy Ovens

Capt Ken Owen

Mr Peter Pack

Mr Frank Palmer

Mr David Parmenter

Mrs Barbara Pease

Ms Hilary Perring

Ms Christine Phillippo

Mr Mark Poulter

Ms Linda Preedy

Mrs Janette Preston

Mr Nigel Pusey

Mr Derek Putman

Miss Sheila Radford

Mr Anton Ratnayake

Mrs Jean Reece

Mr Glenn Relf

Ms Vicky Revill-Whelan

Mr Simon Reynolds

Mr Eric Riley

Mrs Debbie Risbridger

Mr Geoff Robbins

Mr Vernon Rolls

Mr Colin Rumble

Mr Graham Russell

Mrs Fiona Ruxton

Mr Trevor Ruxton

Mr David Sayers

Mrs Margaret Scrivener

Mr Michael Seymour

Mr Geoff Sharman

Mr Mike Shoesmith

Mr Roy Smith

Mr Trevor Smith

Mr Jeremy Spring

Mrs Joan Squires

Lady St Johnston

Mrs Priscilla Stutely

Mr Derek Sutcliffe

Mr Ian Thomson

Mr Ian Thornton

Mr Adrian Tucker

Miss Carole Waite

Mr Tim Walder

Capt Joe Welch

Mr Martyn Willetts

Mr John J M Williams

Mr David Wilson

Mr Richard Winch

Mr Robert Woods CBE

Mr Ashley Woollard

Mr Gordon Wright


Mrs Nicky Allen

Mrs Patricia Bowen

Mrs Marilyn Braendeholm

Ms Susan Mary Eaves

Miss Pamela Goddard

Ms Frankie Lee-Heard

Ms Donna Luck

Mr Hugh McCaw

Ms Vivien Redbourn

Mrs Lindy Seymour

Mr John Stutley

Ms Magdalene Victor

Mrs Corinna Welch

Mr John Carrett

Mrs Rosemarie Cast

Mrs Sue Cessford

Ms Joan Chapman

Mr Mike Chapman

Mr David Charlesworth

Mr Guy Cheeseman

Mr Nigel Chew

Capt Bryan Chipperfield

Mr John Corbet-Singleton CBE

Mr Roger Cornwell

Mr Tony Coughlin

Mr David Cross

Mrs Jane Cross

Mr Lee Dale

Mrs Wendy Daniel

Mr Peter Davies

Mrs Sandra Davy

Miss Suzanne DiMascio

Mrs Karen Diwell

Mr Edward van Dorp

Mr Peter Edward

Mrs Sue Evans

Miss Carol Fielding

Mr Eddie Filus

Ms Elaine Fisher

Mr Michael Gander

Mr Geoff Garner

Mr Douglas Gates

Mr Peter Goodfellow

To see all of the photographs of the event sent in to SCARA, please go to: SCARA Reunion 2014 photo gallery