SCARA 2010 Reunion Lunch

Post date: Oct 17, 2010 6:39:29 PM

The fifth SCARA Reunion Lunch was held on the Wednesday 13th October at the Great Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden.

Peter Green, who only recently registered with SCARA, agreed to be our photographer for the day. Thank you Peter (For the full set of photographs taken on the day, please go to the PONLHeritage Flickr site).

A quick run-down of the schedule;

    • Arrival 11:30

    • Buffet lunch 13:00

    • A few words from our Chairman Michael Seymour who;

      • Gave a very warm welcome to everyone

      • Thanked Maersk sincerely for their continued generosity in sponsoring the annual SCARA lunch

      • Welcomed our honoured guest and SCARA Vice President, Lady St Johnston

      • Congratulated Adrian Malupa and Roger Brown on the success of the 2010 golf match and thank Lady St Johnston for the Rose Bowl which was presented to the winner. *

      • Introduced two members of the Mission to Seafarers, the charity we have chosen to sponsor this year.

    • Nigel Pusey, CEO Maersk, gave a short but comprehensive outline of the state of the British Shipping Industry which he followed with a brief comment on the PONL Pension Fund.

    • SCARA President Robert Woods, who was on a whistle stop visit fitted in between other commitments, gave a very brief address. Despite the shortness of his stay we were all very pleased to see him and appreciated him dropping by and giving what little time he had available.

    • Finish time 16:00

* Please note that next year’s golf match is scheduled for May 12th 2011.

At 11:00 we had our first arrivals and by 11:30 there was a lovely hubbub with people meeting and greeting long lost friends and colleagues. Some people had travelled from as far away as France, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man to be there. There were also people attending the event for the first time and we hope that they enjoyed themselves and will become regular attendees.

The event is open to all SCARA Members and SCARA Membership is open to all ex employees of OCL, P&O Containers Ltd and P&O Nedlloyd, whether retired or continuing in work. If you are reading this and are not already a member and would like to join then email to find out more.

We have had some really positive comments and, if you have never attended a SCARA reunion before, you might like to see this comment from one of our members attending for the first time this year.

Really enjoyed Wednesday's lunch and am very glad that I made the effort to be there. Far from not knowing anyone I actually found that I knew a great many people and that I was pleased to see them and they me too.”

Here is the list of those who registered for this year’s event although sadly a few did not actually manage to get there due to unforeseen circumstances.

Mr Alex Aaron

Mr John Able

Mr Clive Allen

Mr Raymond Andrews

Mrs Angela Ball

Mr Doug Bannister

Mr Mark Barrett

Mr Ron Basnett

Mrs Carole Bates

Mr James Baxter

Mr Ken Bedward

Mr Terry Bethell

Ms Maria Bielecki

Mr John Blackmore

Mr Nick Blanchet

Mr Tony Blumer OBE

Mr Mike Board

Mr Alan Bott OBE

Mr Bob Bowen

Mr Steve Bowen

Mr Pat Boyle

Mr Peter Brabyn

Mr David Brace

Mr Jens Peder Braendeholm

Mr Lee Brewer

Mr Roger Brown

Ms Kim Burrell

Mrs Shirley Burrell

Mrs Rosemarie Cast

Mrs Sue Cessford

Miss Joan Chapman

Mr Mike Chapman

Mr David Charlesworth

Mr Guy Cheeseman

Mr Nigel Chew

Capt Bryan Chipperfield

Mrs Josephine Chipperfield

Capt. Ian Collister

Mr Alastair Conway

Mrs Mary Costelloe

Mr David Cross

Mrs Jane Cross

Mr Mike Cunningham

Mrs Julie Curran

Mrs Wendy Daniel

Mr Dave Darvill

Mr Peter Davies

Mr Ray Davis

Mrs Sandra Davy

Mrs Pat Dudley-Ward

Mr Douglas Dudley-Ward

Capt. Simon Dyer

Mrs Sue Evans

Mr Mike Fearnley

Mr Jose Fernandez

Miss Carol Fielding

Mr Mark Fowler

Mr Roland Fraser

Mr Tom Fry

Mr Geoff Garner

Miss Joy Garnham

Mr Steve Gawler

Mr PeterGodfrey

Mr Bob Gooch

Mr Peter Goodfellow

Mr Derek Gough

Mr Donald Graham

Mr Michael Graham

Mrs Patricia Graham

Mr Ian Grant

Mr PeterGreen

Mrs Ann Guirey

Mr John Hallahan

Mr John Hallett

Mr Bernard Heard

Mrs Janis Heard

Mr Adam Hedges

Mr Chris Holt

Mrs Jackie Honour

Mrs Christine Hope

Mr Bob Hughes

Mr Brian Jeffery

Mr Andrew Kennedy

Ms Pauline Lacey

Miss Karen Levy

Mr Geoff Lippitt

Mr Martin Lloyd

Mr Steve Logan

Mrs Lynn Logan

Mr Peter Low

Mr Ian Malcolm

Mr Adrian Malupa

Mr Tony Mason

Mr Ron Mathias

Mrs Angela May

Mrs Belinda McCormack

Mr John McGurk

Mr Renato Mencarini

Mrs Erica Merrifield-Harris

Miss Diane Mill

Mr Robert Milton

Mr Patrick Moore OBE

Mr Simon Moore

Mr Les Morris

Mr Brian Mullan

Mr Christopher Naylor

Mr John Newton

Mr Ted Nichols

Mrs Sylvia Norton

Mr Joe O'Brien

Mr George Oddy

Mr Arthur Oliva

Mr Peter Ongley

Mrs Tina Osborne

Mr Andy Packer

Mr David Parmenter

Mrs Debbie Paxton

Mrs Karen Payne

Mrs Barbara Pease

Capt Michael Penney OBE RD RNR

Ms Hilary Perring

Ms Carol Peterson

Capt. John Peterson

Ms Christine Phillippo

Mr Steve Plastow

Mr Mark Poulter

Mr Howard Praag

Mrs Janette Preston

Mr Nigel Pusey

Miss Sheila Radford

Mr Anton Ratnayake

Mr Michael Read

Mr Rodney Redhead

Mrs Jean Reece

Capt Kevin Rennison

Ms Vicky Revill-Whelan

Mr John W Richardson

Mrs Debbie Risbridger

Mr Geoff Robbins

Mr John Roberts

Mr Ewen Robertson

Mr Alan Rollinson

Mr Vernon Rolls

Mr Colin Rumble

Mr Graham Russell

Mrs Fiona Ruxton

Mr Trevor Ruxton

Mr David Sayers

Mr John Scott

Mr Dick Scott-Kerr

Mr Michael Seymour

Mr Geoff Sharman

Mr Stefan Sheriden

Mr Mike Sherwood

Mr Mike Shoesmith

Mr Godfrey Smith

Mr Trevor Smith

Lady St Johnston

Mr Paul Summers

Mr Andre Tanniou

Mrs DeniseTarrant

Mrs Kathy Taylor

Mr Ian Thornton

Mr Ross Tozer

Mr Adrian Tucker

Mr Edward van Dorp

Mr Tim Vaughan

Mr Tim Walder

Mr Norman Waller

Mr Martyn Willetts

Mr David Wilson

Mr Richard Winch

Mr Michael Woods

Mr Robert Woods CBE


Mr Luca Morelli

Mr Neil Griffiths

Belinda McCormack

Honorary Secretary


(A copy of the report for the 2009 lunch is available via the link below.)