SCARA 10th Annual Reunion Lunch Thursday 22/10/2015

Post date: Nov 12, 2015 9:52:10 PM

Thank you to everyone who made this 10th annual SCARA reunion a resounding success.  Not only was the weather kind to us but the return to the Park Crescent Conference Centre in London’s Great Portland Street was very well received.

As in previous years, we were pleased to see some new faces, very glad to see the usual suspects and sorry to miss those that were unable to attend for whatever reason.

It was our great pleasure to welcome Lady St. Johnston as our honoured guest and also Robert Woods who gave a very brief address.

We were also delighted to hear from Roger Brown who, together with Adrian Malupa, organise the annual Golf Rose Bowl Challenge.  

The winner this year was Steve Gawler but due to illness he was unable to attend the reunion for the presentation.  

A full list of attendees, including one or two late cancellations, is printed below. 

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Hon.Sec.

Ms Myrtle Alexander

Mrs Mary Anthony

Mrs Angela J Ball

Mr Mark Barrett

Mr Mike Bernard

Mr A Tony J M Blumer OBE

Mr Mike L Board

Mr Alan J Bott OBE

Mr Craig Bowen

Mr R (Bob) A Bowen

Mr C Pat Boyle

Mr David I Brace

Mr Jens Peder Braendeholm

Mr Lee C Brewer

Mr Roger W Brown

Mrs Wendy Carr

Mr John F Carrett

Mrs Rosemarie Cast

Mrs Sue Cessford

Mr Stanley Chalk

Mr John J Hallahan

Mr John W Hallett

Mr R James A Harmer

Mr Bernard H Heard

Mr Adam Hedges

Mr Chris O Holt

Mrs Jackie Honour

Mrs Christine J Hope

Mr Mal Hurdidge

Mr Richard Hyland

Mrs Sandra Isaacson

Mrs Christine Jones

Mr Martin Lloyd

Mr H John Loftin

Mr Peter J B Low

Mr Ian G Malcolm

Mr Adrian Malupa

Mr Philip Marks

Mr A J (Tony) Mason

Mrs Belinda McCormack

Miss Sheila Radford

Mr Anton M Ratnayake

Ms Vicky Revill-Whelan

Mr Eric Riley

Mrs Debbie Risbridger

Mr Geoff D Robbins

Mr John D Roberts

Mrs Lynne Robertson

Mr Alan C Rollinson

Mr Colin D Rumble

Mrs Fiona J Ruxton

Mr Trevor A Ruxton

Mr Dave Salmon

Mr Kenneth D Salter

Mr John H O Scott

Mrs Susan K Sellens

Mr Michael J S Seymour

Mr Mike W Sherwood

Mr Mike D Shoesmith

Mr Trevor A Smith

Mr Mike J Chapman

Mr David J Charlesworth

Capt Bryan V Chipperfield

Mr John M Corbet-Singleton CBE

Mr Tony Coughlin

Mr Ian Court

Mrs Julie Curran

Ms Julie Dale

Mr Lee Dale

Mr Peter J Davies

Mr Ray Davis

Mrs Sandra J Davy

Mr Edward van Dorp

Mr Chris B Evans

Mrs Sue Evans

Miss Carol Fielding

Mr Michael Gander

Mr Geoff L Garner

Mr Peter Goodfellow

Mr Ian B Grant 

Mrs Erica Merrifield-Harris

Mr Clifford L Miller

Mr Robert Milton

Ms Veronica Mooney

Mr Patrick A Moore OBE

Mr Peter Nicholls

Mrs Sylvia Norton

Mr Joe O'Brien

Mr Arthur Oliva

Mrs Tina Osborne

Mr Andy W Ovens

Mr Peter Pack 

Mr Frank P Palmer

Mrs Barbara W Pease

Ms Hilary Perring

Ms Christine Phillippo

Mr Dave H Potter

Mr Mark Poulter

Ms Linda Preedy

Mr Derek W Putman

Mrs Joan Squires

Lady St Johnston

Mrs Jane Stephens 

Mrs Priscilla A Stutely

Mr Ian B Thomson

Mr Ian E Thornton

Mr Adrian P Tucker 

Capt Joe W Welch

Mr Martyn Willetts

Mr David T Wilson

Capt Robert T Wood

Mr Ashley J Woollard


Mrs Patricia Bowen

Mrs Viv Fleury

Ms Frankie Lee-Heard

Mr John Stutley

Mrs Linda Salter

Mrs Corinna Welch


Maureen & Heather

The full gallery of pictures from the day can be found in the PONLHeritage album (sincere thanks to Jackie Honour, Richard Hyland and David Charlesworth for their photographs).

The following are examples of the feedback that has been received from members who attended the event:

"Dear Belinda... just a quick email to thank you for a really good reunion. The venue was a definite improvement on the last and speaking to various people present, they all prefer a weekday rather than a Friday...  I look forward to seeing you next year!" [Ray Davis]

"Dear Belinda... Just to say how much I enjoyed the lunch on Thursday. It really worked well didn't it...   As always it was beautifully organised and it was lovely too see everybody...  A happy atmosphere all round.  All best wishes..." [Lady Charlotte St. Johnston].

"Good morning Belinda...  Yesterday’s gathering was the usual convivial and greatly enjoyable occasion  - and many thanks for your continuing terrific stewardship of SCARA affairs...  I thought that the Park Crescent Conference Centre was good, and I would certainly be more than happy if we continued to use it again on future occasions...  Salaams  [Tony Blumer]

"Hi Belinda...  Thank you very much for organising the event today. The venue, I thought was much improved...  and the food was plentiful. Bar prices, for what I bought, were reasonable too...  Very happy to be back there again next year."  [Martin Lloyd]