Report - SCARA Reunion Lunch 03/11/2016

Post date: Jan 07, 2017 9:27:41 PM

The 3rd November was a bright sunny day and perfect for those making the journey to London for the 11th SCARA Reunion.  By popular demand we returned to the Park Crescent Conference Centre in Great Portland Street.  The venue has a bar with hand pump beers at student prices, reasonably priced wine and is ideal for our gathering.   

This year we had two tables displaying memorabilia.  One table, arranged by Ray Andrews displayed some very interesting magazines and pamphlets dating from the 70’s to 00’s.  Our thanks go to Ray for sharing a small part of his collection with us.  The second table contained promotional items; many of which had been in Ian Thornton’s care and were donated by his family following his death.  These items were sold and raised £140 which was paid into the SCARA annual reunion fund.  

It was our great pleasure to welcome Lady St. Johnston as our honoured guest.  She was sorry not to be presenting the Rose Bowl to the ‘Golf Challenge’ winner this year but was pleased to hear that the golfing event continues to be well supported.

A full list of members who registered for the SCARA reunion is printed below.  

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Sec.


Mr Andy Allan

Mr Clive Allen

Mr Raymond Andrews

Mrs Mary Anthony

Mr James Baxter

Mr Terry Bethell

Mr Tony Blumer OBE

Mr Mike Board

Mr Alan Bott OBE

Mr Robert Bowen

Mr Jens Peder Braendeholm

Mr Lee Brewer

Mrs Wendy Carr

Mrs Rosemarie Cast

Mr Stanley Chalk

Miss Joan Chapman

Mr Mike Chapman

Mr David Charlesworth

Mr Danny Hallahan

Mr John Hallahan

Mr Adam Hedges

Mr Martin Hindley

Mrs Jackie Honour

Mrs Christine Hope

Mr Richard Hyland

Mrs Sandra Isaacson

Mr Brian Jeffery

Mr Andrew Kennedy

Mrs Agnes King

Mr Martin Lloyd

Mr Ian Malcolm

Mr Philip Marks

Mr Tony Mason

Mrs Belinda McCormack

Miss Diane Mill

Mr Clifford Miller

Mr Robert Milton

Mr Patrick Moore OBE

Mr Les Morris

Mr Peter Nicholls

Mrs Sylvia Norton

Mr Joe O'Brien

Mrs Tina Osborne

Capt Ken Owen

Mr Frank Palmer

Mr Michael Parker

Mrs Barbara Pease

Ms Hilary Perring

Ms Christine Phillippo

Mr Dave Potter

Mr Mark Poulter

Mrs Janette Preston

Miss Sheila Radford

Mr Anton Ratnayake

Mrs Jean Reece

Ms Vicky Revill-Whelan

Mrs Debbie Risbridger

Mr John Roberts

Mrs Lynne Robertson

Mr Vernon Rolls

Mr Colin Rumble

Mr Graham Russell

Mrs Fiona Ruxton

Mr Trevor Ruxton

Mr Michael Seymour

Mr Mike Shoesmith

Mr Peter Snow QSM

Lady St. Johnston

Mrs Jane Stephens 

Mrs Sonja Stevanovic

Mrs Priscilla Stutely

Mr Ian Thomson

Mr Adrian Tucker 

Mr Edward van Dorp

Miss Carole Waite

Mr Tim Walder

Mr Nigel Wilks

Mr Martyn Willetts

Mr David  Wilson

Mr Richard Winch

Mr Ashley Woollard


Mrs Lindy Seymour

Mrs Marilyn Braendeholm

Mrs Patricia Bowen

Mrs Pam Garofalo

Mr  John Stutley

Mr Andy Tatlow

Mr Guy Cheeseman

Mr Nigel  Chew

Capt Bryan V Chipperfield

Mr Tony Coughlin

Mr Ian Court

Mr Mike Cunningham

Mrs Wendy Daniel

Mr Peter Davies

Mr Ray Davis

Mrs Sandra Davy

Capt Simon Dyer

Mr Colin Edwards

Miss Carol Fielding

Mr Geoff Garner

Mr Peter Goodfellow

Mrs Eleanor Grady

Mr Ian Grant 

Mrs Ann Guirey

PONLHeritage Photo Gallery - With thanks to Richard Hyland and Jackie Honour for the photographs!