Report and photographs - SCARA Annual Reunion Lunch 2012

Post date: Apr 28, 2013 6:2:42 PM

How quickly the buzz builds up as old friends and colleagues meet for the annual SCARA reunion lunch held this year at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden.

Numbers are slightly down on 2011 with 150 attending and whilst some familiar faces are missing it is lovely to see new ones. Our membership continues to grow and this opportunity to catch up with colleagues makes for some very pleasant and interesting meetings. One colleague, attending the reunion for the first time wrote:

First of all many congratulations on a super do. Brilliant – I was a bit nervous about coming but very glad I did! Had a good time down the pub afterwards too and will definitely come next year.”

Not all members have a trouble free journey to and from the venue. One member arriving a little late due to the sole of his right shoe coming away from the upper when he alights from the train at Charing Cross Station. The cobbler declares that it will be a 24 hour repair job but our member explains his predicament and a quick fix is managed. Well you would have thought that was enough but when our gentleman arrived back home he sent the following message.

My left sole, in sympathy with the right one, parted company with the top of my shoe within two minutes of my leaving the building. As luck would have it there was a Rymans shop just along and I was able to buy 3 tubes of strong mastic. I made it home anyway…”

Another member walked the streets of London wearing what he described as his SCARA Livestock Tag. A reminder to you all to leave your name badge in the box by the door when you leave.

Some people requested a list of the members attending the luncheon. What follows is a list of those who paid to attend but we are unable to confirm who did or did not attend on the day:

Mr Michael Gander

Mr Geoff L Garner

Mr Douglas F Gates

Mrs Barbara Gough

Mr Ian B Grant

Mr William H Gray

Mr Alistair Grote

Mrs Ann Guirey

Mr Peter Hale

Mr John J Hallahan

Mr A – Tony Hammond

Mr Bernard H Heard

Mr Adam Hedges

Mr Lee Hellier

Mrs Jackie Honour

Mrs Christine J Hope

Mr Trevor Hopkins

Mr Mal Hurdidge

Mrs Sandra Issacson

Mr Roy Jacobs

Mr Brian D Jeffery

Mr Thomas E Johnson

Ms Anita Jones

Mr Geoff Oval

Mr Andy Packer

Mr Frank P Palmer

Mr David Parmenter

Mrs Rosaleen Payne

Mrs Barbara W Pease

Capt. Michael D Penney OBE RD RNR

Ms Hilary Perring

Ms Christine Phillippo

Mr Steve Plastow

Mr Mark Poulter

Mrs Janette Preston

Miss Sheila Radford

Mr Zoeb Raniwala

Mr Michael R Read

Mr Rodney Redhead

Mrs Jean Reece

Ms Vicky Revill-Whelan

Mrs Debbie Risbridger

Mr John D Roberts

Mr Vernon Rolls

Mr Colin D Rumble

Mr Graham J Russell

Mrs Fiona J Ruxton

Mr Trevor A Ruxton

Mr David A Sayers

Mr John H O Scott

Mrs Susan K Sellens

Mr Michael J S Seymour

Mr Geoff Sharman

Mr Mike D Shoesmith

Mr Godfrey P T Smith

Mr Trevor A Smith

Mr Chandresh Somani

Mrs Joan Squires

Lady St Johnston

Mrs Jane Stephens

Mrs Priscilla A. Stutely

Mr Paul Summers

Mrs Denise Tarrant

Mr Ian B Thomson

Mr Ian E Thornton

Mr Adrian P Tucker

Mr Edward van Dorp

Mr Edwin Velterop

Mr Chandresh Vithani

Mr Tim Walder

Mr John K Able

Mr Andy G Allan

Mrs Mary Anthony

Mrs Angela J Ball

Mr Mark Barrett

Mr Ron P Basnett

Mrs Carole Bates

Mr James A C Baxter

Mr Tony Beardmore

Mr Mike Bernard

Mr Nick M Blanchet

MrPaul Blanchflower

Mr Roy W Bland

Mr Mike L Board

Mr Alan J Bott OBE

Mr Craig Bowen

Mr R (Bob) A Bowen

Mr C Pat Boyle

Mr Peter J Brabyn

Mr Jens Peder Braendeholm

Mr Lee C Brewer

Mrs Lyn Broadway

Mr Paul R Brown

Mr Roger W Brown

Mr John D Buckley

Mr John F Carrett

Mrs Rosemarie Cast

Mrs Sue Cessford

Mr Mike J Chapman

Mr David J Charlesworth

Mr Guy R Cheeseman

Capt. Bryan V Chipperfield

Mrs Josephine M Chipperfield

Capt. Ian W Collister

Mr John Corbet-Singleton CBE

Mr Tony Coughlin

Mr Ian Court

Mr L Mike Cunningham

Ms Julie Dale

Mrs Wendy K Daniel

Mr Peter D’Arcy

Mr John Davies

Mr Peter J Davies

Mr Ray Davis

Mrs Sandra J Davy

Capt. Simon Dyer

Mrs Sue Evans

Miss Carol Fielding

Mr Edmund Filus

Mr Mark Fowler

Mr Roland Fraser

Mr Tom Fry

Mrs Christine Jones

Mr Andrew Kennedy

Mrs Agnes King

Miss Karen Levy

Mr Martin O Lloyd

Mr R –Dick C Lovett

Mr Peter J B Low

Mr Ian G Malcolm

Mr Adrian Malupa

Mr Philip Marks

Mr Ron E Mathias

Mrs Belinda McCormack

Mr John McGurk

Mr Renato Mencarini

Mrs Erica Merrifield-Harris

Miss Diane Mill

Mr Clifford L Miller

Mr Robert Milton

Mr Patrick A Moore OBE

Mrs Tracey Morritt

Mr Geoffrey Nash

Mr John T Newton

Mr Peter Nicholls

Mr E (Ted) J Nichols

Mrs Sylvia Norton

Mr Keith Nuttall

Mr Joe O’Brien

Mr Arthur Oliva

Mrs Tina Osborne

Mr Martyn Willetts

Mr David T Wilson

Mr Eddie Wipperman

Mr Michael Woods

Mr Gordon C Wright

For the full photo gallery from the day, click on any of the images above or go to:

Take a look at the photographs kindly provided by Mark Fowler and put the date in your diary for the next SCARA reunion which is 16th October 2013.

Belinda McCormack