New Zealand Shipping Company 150th Anniversary Reunion in 2023

Dear SCARA Member, 

We contacted the SCARA membership back in July 2021 to tell you about the efforts being made to organise events, both in NZ and the UK, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the formation of the New Zealand Shipping Company.

Capt Roger Blake advises that plans for the two events are going well and has shared details for the programme of events in each country. If you missed the announcement in 2021 and would now like to be involved then please email Capt Blake (see note below). The UK event will be held in Liverpool 16 - 18 June 2023.

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Secretary



It is hoped to have a reunion in March 2023, for all previous employees/partners, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the formation of the New Zealand Shipping Company. 


Membership of the New Zealand Shipping Company Association, or Durham Association is not required. 


As we are all in the more senior time of life, and long distance traveling becomes less comfortable, perhaps a twin venue event, one in the UK, and one in NZ would be more appropriate.  This would need of course, an organising team at both ends. 


It would involve a weekend of events with the main feature being the Celebratory Luncheon. 


Could you please let me know, by return email (see note below), if you would be interested in attending this event, and in which country.  Venues and costs would be calculated, once we have some idea of the numbers, and whether it would be a single or double venue event.  Please also advise,  if you would be happy being in the organising team. 


If you know of anyone who worked for NZSCo, who might be interested in attending, please forward this email on to them. 


Kind regards, 


Capt Roger K Blake. M.Mar.(Rtd) 

The New Zealand Shipping Company (NZSCo) - A brief history
NZSCo was incorporated in Christchurch New Zealand in 1873, having been formed by a small group of famers and merchants who wanted to improve their shipping services.  They initially purchased four second-hand vessels but within four years that number had increased to seventeen.
In 1879 financial control of the company was relocated to London. From its inception the NZSCo made strategic alliances with other shipping companies including Shaw Savill, the East African Steamship Company and the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand.  In 1912 they took over the Federal Steam Navigation Company.   
In 1916 P&O Steam Navigation Company took over a controlling interest in the NZSCo but both that company and its subsidiary Federal Steam continued to operate as independent entities.  
NZSCo along with Shaw Savill, Port Line and Blue Star formed a joint venture, Crusader Line (1967-1971) for services between New Zealand, the US West Coast and Japan.  This was later reformed as the Crusader Swire Container Service (CSCS), part of OCL.  
NZSCo, Federal Steam and Avenue Shipping Company were erged into P&O General Cargo Dvision in 1971. 

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150th Anniversary New Zealand Shipping Company

Otaki, New Zealand

Friday 10th March 2023


Please advise Captain Roger Blake, by email  (see note below) if you would like to attend.

Open to all NZSCo Employees and their partners. Also open to those who had a close connection to the NZSCo.

Celebratory Weekend  16th – 18th June 2023

Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

The Agenda for the week-end is as follows :-

Friday 16th June.

Saturday 17th June.

Sunday 18th June.

1100: 2-hour river cruise on a Mersey Ferry, including a “Scouse” Lunch.   Cost  £25.50 per head

1300: Final farewells!


Group rate for staying at the hotel.

Rooms to be booked by your good selves.  Please contact me first to obtain Code.

Please advise Roger (see note below) as soon as possible to confirm your intention to attend this event, together with name of partner if applicable.  Also, if there is any of the events that you will not be taking part in.

Capt. Roger Blake


Note: For email contact, please address your message to  Captain Blake's email address will then be provided.

23 January 2023