Mike Read's Funeral

Post date: Apr 13, 2014 6:35:48 PM

Ian Thornton has kindly provided the following:   

Michael Robert Read 1935 - 2014.

Mike left school at 16 and worked eventually as a Consultant for Coopers Bros, and he spent some time at OCL in those early days and eventually joined the Company and finally became Finance Director which post he held until retirement. On a personal theme Mike was given to helping people with problems and was always a giver to good causes  but went about these in a very quiet manner. 

Mike's hobbies were Golf, Bridge (He was a member of several clubs) and Music.

I attended Mike's funeral at the St. Marylebone Crematorium East Finchley on Friday at 12 Noon. It was a service of thanksgiving of his life. The service was conducted by The Rev James Fields.  A Bridge playing friend of Mike's made a tribute speech during the service.             

Those attending from the Company (OCL /P&OCL/PONL) were in alpha order:-

Roger Cornwall (and his wife)

Guy Cheeseman

John Crossman

Peter Goodfellow

Clifford Miller

Mark Poulter

Linda Preedy (Mike's Secretary for 10 years)

Zoeb Raniwala

Colin Rumble 

Ian Thornton  

We were invited back to Mike's Golf Club - Hendon Golf Club,(on a fine sunny day) for a very nice buffet luncheon where we met Mike's estranged,wife Sylvia and sons,Chris, Nick and daughter Victoria.

Approx 200 attended the service.

Ian Thornton

SCARA Committee Member