London Nightrider Charity Cycle Ride

Post date: Jun 03, 2018 4:7:12 PM

Dear SCARA Member,

We often wonder what our SCARA members are up to...…………….. The following message is circulated on behalf of Peter Snow.

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Secretary.

Dear fellow member of SCARA,

I am Peter Snow, a former employee of OCL, POCL and P&O Ports, and now living in retirement in France and am participating in the London Nightrider Challenge on 9 June, a challenge that requires me to ride 50 kilometres through central London during the night and starting at 2330.

Why am I doing it?

  • To get fit after two bouts of hospitalisation last year, including intensive care for heart-related problems. I was passed fit by the hospital on 31 May, just a day or two ago, after an ECG stress test.

  • I needed motivation to take up cycling after 57 years without riding a bicycle. I am nearly 78 now.

  • To raise funds for Mission to Seafarers, with which I have been associated for decades as a volunteer, primarily in New Zealand but lately within France.

London Nightrider is one of three Nightrider events in UK during the year. It is managed by Classic Challenges where entrants can nominate charities with which they are associated, and to raise funds for those charities. Over one thousand enter the challenge each year.

Mission to Seafarers is a world-wide organisation that provides welfare facilities to seafarers visiting ports around the world. Our OCL, POCL, P&O Nedlloyd and Maersk seafarers have used the centres around the world on a regular basis over many decades.

Please sponsor me on this ride to help me raise as much money as possible for this fantastic cause.

You can donate by copying this into your web browser and following the “Donate Now” icon.

Many thanks in anticipation of a successful campaign.

Peter Snow