Halal SCARA gathering May 2022

The mini gathering at the Halal last week was not attended by that many people last week – only eight – but was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Enjoyable because of the food which remains as good and authentic as ever, but primarily because of the conversation and opportunity to meet with former colleagues. Despite our different backgrounds in the company, our unique camaraderie continues the best part of 20 years on. It was perhaps the cheapest night out in London that any of us have experienced in recent times. Excellent Food at £17 a head plus beers from the local Sainsbury’s.

We all determined that we must again later in the year and hope others will join such an excellent and entertaining relaxing night.

David Charlesworth

Halal Restaurant, St. Marks Street London (near to the former site of Beagle House).

Clockwise around the table from front left; Zoeb Raniwala, John Williams, David Charlesworth, Alison Charlesworth, David Cross, Jane Cross, Rob Milton & Tom Boardley.