SCARA Celebrities: Thomas Wheatley

Dear SCARA Member,

Here is a news item with a difference received from David Hooper. He was watching the news one day last week and recognised a familiar OCL face. He says,

"I was watching the London News on BBC 1 at lunchtime today and recognised an old OCL face. It was Thomas (Jonathan) Wheatley. The news item concerned the forthcoming theatre play at the Tabernacle Theatre, London, which is being performed there from 13th Oct to 13th Nov. And at the Birmingham Rep from 16th Nov to 20th Nov.

The name of the play is "Value Engineering, Scenes from the Grenfell Enquiry"."

David worked for ACT but says he was often at meetings with 'Jonathan" on shipping conference matters.

Belinda McCormack

SCARA Membership Secretary