Captain Ramsay Dinnie RNR RD* Master Mariner

Captain Ramsay Dinnie's family have given us the very sad news that he passed away on 19 September 2021. Captain Dinnie maritime career included serving as master with Overseas Containers Limited (OCL) and P&O Containers.

Captain Dinnie's daughter, Nicola, has kindly provided the following tribute to her father:

Captain Ramsay Dinnie RNR RD* Master Mariner

28th June 1928 – 19th September 2021

Ramsay was born in 1928 in Arbroath the youngest of 4. His fascination for the sea developed from a young age and he would invariably be found watching the boats at Arbroath Harbour. It was never in doubt where his future lay.

He joined Alfred Holt and Company as an apprentice Navigational Officer in 1945 on board Antilochus thus starting a 43-year career at sea. A notebook was found detailing each voyage from the start of his career to his retirement. The names of the ships he sailed have woven through the lives of his family, Adrastus (Blue Funnel), Dunkwa (Elder Dempster) and Kowloon Bay ( OCL) to name but a few.

Kowloon Bay (photo courtesy of Captain Joe Welch)

During his career, Ramsay was responsible for 3 Maritime rescues, one of which gained him a commendation for the United Nations High Council for refugees.

While others might think shore leave would be a time to get away from the sea, Ramsay joined the Royal Naval Reserve in 1953, being promoted to Captain in 1978.

He was appointed honorary ADC to Her Majesty the Queen in 1982, and in 1984 laid the wreath on behalf of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleet at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cenotaph. This was an honour he was incredibly proud of as his family were and are.

Ramsay met his wife Valerie in 1963 at a cocktail party in Woolwich, at the end of a Royal Naval course he attended. Never expecting to meet again, they found themselves both aboard the Queen Mary bound for New York later that year. A fitting start to a courtship as they married in 1965. Ramsay and Valerie would have been married for 56 years. After their marriage, they spent 14 months in Japan whilst Ramsay stood by ‘Pembrokeshire and Glenalmond whilst being built. Japan held many memories and still holds a special place in the family.

Children soon came along with son Alistair born in 1967 and daughter Nicola in 1970. Valerie, Alistair and Nicola were very fortunate to travel on deep sea voyages, including, West Africa and the Far East. Stories across the current world elicit memories of those voyages.

When retirement beckoned in 1988, Ramsay continued his affiliation with the sea. He was involved with the Dundee Sea Cadets as Chairman as long standing treasurer and Box Master for the Fraternity of Masters and Seamen in Dundee. Ramsay also realised a non-nautical ambition of joining Rotary, thus continuing his life of service to others. This was interjected by many rounds of golf.

He welcomed grandsons Calum and Angus, and was immensely proud of both the boys continuing his passion of rugby, swimming and skiing. Ramsay and Valerie continued to travel worldwide; revisiting countries which had been explored as a young seaman. This included busman holidays on board cruise ships!

He was never one to let a number stop him from trying something new. At the age of 88 he tried a Segway which employed those sea legs to full advantage.

Ramsay had had a period of ill health and peacefully passed away on the 19th September 2021 aged 93. His funeral was held in Dundee on the 6th October 2021 on a beautiful clear and calm day. It is fitting therefore to say:

‘Fair winds, calm seas, stand easy shipmate, your watch is done’

This photo was taken three years ago by one of the company's agents in Kobe who remained friends with Captain Dinnie and visited him and his family during a trip to Europe