Birmingham Regional Get Together 13/11/2021

This year's Birmingham regional get-together took place on Saturday 13 November. The venue was The Old Contemptibles on Edmund Street.

As illustrated by the list of attendees and the photos shown here (kindly provided by Craig Bowen) there was a great turnout including a number of former colleagues attending for the first time!

Photo left (from left to right): Julie Dale, Sandy Burn, Sheila Burn, Rob Mills, Sandra Pope & Veronica Campion.

Craig Bowen & Rosanna Downes

Julie Dale & Sandy Burn

Veronica Campion & Sandra Pope

Paul Russell, Rob Mills, Ruth Killock & Sue DiMascio

Paul Russell, Dawn-Marie Adams & Sue DiMascio

Ruth Killock & Rosanna Downes

Stephen Yeomans & Mary Anthony

Attendees: Dawn-Marie Adams, Andy Allan, Mary Anthony, Sheila Birch (+ husband), Craig Bowen, Sandra Burn + Billy, Veronica Campion, Julie Dale, Sue DiMascio, Rosanna Downes, Steve Edkins, Gill Hill, Jacinta Hill, Trevor Hopkins, Ruth Killock, Rob Mills, Mick Milne, Ian Pickering, Sandra Pope, Paul Russell, Hannah Scully, Lynn Smith, Lorraine Taylor, Stephen Yeomans, Wayne Whitehouse & Martin Willett

Further photos from the event are available on the OCL / P&O Cntrs / P&O Nedlloyd / Roadways / P&O Trailerpark - Birmingham Facebook page.


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