2019 Golf Day report

Post date: Sep 29, 2019 4:49:49 PM

Roger Brown has sent in his review of the 14 May 2019 golfing competition:

Another very successful year was had at the Bentley golf club.

Adrian Malupa had booked the weather, the buggies and the bacon sandwiches, he unfortunately left his game in his broom cupboard under the stairs and could not hold onto last year’s success.

All the normal reprobates from SCARA turned up, apart from those who emailed in their apologies last minute, it is hoped to see them all next year. The Guests section is now quickly outweighing the members, so would love to redress the balance and get those who think they have left the game well behind them, and to polish up their niblicks, bring your own Sand Wedges, if Tiger Woods can have a comeback beyond all comebacks, then so can you. ;-)

Take a leaf out of dear old Ian Malcolm’s diary, I contacted him a week before and caught him pushing a Tesco’s trolley round his local superstore in Bicester, and before he had got to the Frozen Veg, he was in!! That’s Commitment!

Wonderful course as usual as pictures will confirm.

This year Essex Boy and OCL legend “Big” Paul Nixon took the coveted Rose Bowl with a score that showed Pablo was on a run of form- (Bentley is not an easy course ) Guests Jim Dunn and Noel Mcavoy took the Longest Drive and Nearest Pin Spoils, with Steve Corner winning the overall Guest prize.

Thanks to everyone that attended, without you I would be left with going round the course with just Adrian Malupa, moaning about the State of the country, the M25 and whether Leyton Orient have any chance of getting into Europe.


Roger Brown