Rotterdam - Willemswerf

Boompjes 40



Willemswerf, Rotterdam

The Willemswerf building overlooks the river Maas in Rotterdam.  It was designed by Amsterdam-based architect Wim Quist with Royal Nedlloyd occupying the new corporate headquarters in 1988. 

Following the Nedlloyd Lines merger with P&O Containers, the Willemswerf building became the joint global headquarters of the new company, P&O Nedlloyd.  A number of corporate departments were based there, including Fleet Management and International Container Management.  The office was also the home for the  European regional management.

In 2013 the building was refurbished under the supervision of the original architect, Wim Quist.  On completion of the work, nineteen floors were office space and five were converted to garages.  See  Willemswerf in Rotterdam.

Help needed...   Do you have any further detail on the Willemswerf building, its history and its usage?  We would also really like to have more photographs, both of the exterior and interior.  If you can assist then please email  many thanks!