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Beagle House

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Beagle House, London

In 1974 Beagle House on the corner of Braham Street and Leman Street became the global headquarters of Overseas Containers Limited (OCL), and later P&O Containers Limited (P&OCL).  Following the merger with Nedlloyd Lines in 1997 the building was joint HQ of P&O Nedlloyd (PONL).  The other joint HQ was the Willemswerf, Rotterdam.  

In the OCL/P&OCL days Beagle House accommodated the executive (the 8th Floor having the offices of the chairman, managing director and directors along  with the boardroom and their executive staff).  On the other floors were various departments including the trade divisions, Fleet Management Division (FMD), International Container Management (ICM), Group Commercial Division (GCD), Information Technology Division (ITD) and UK Agency Sales.   

Following the merger to form P&O Nedlloyd, the trade divisions, GCD and ITD remained in London but FMD and ICM were Rotterdam-based.  UK Sales moved to Hainault. 

Beagle House was originally designed to hold 900 staff but as demand for office space grew, Central House on the other side of Camperdown Street provided overflow space.

Beagle House was demolished in 2017/18.   The building that took its place has been named One BrahamBT (formerly British telecom) will be one of the businesses based in that new building as it is to be their corporate HQ.


BH slide show 15032016.pptx

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