Second container ship video now available

Post date: Feb 03, 2012 9:38:18 AM

Last year we were pleased to be able to do a review of a video produced by Captain Joe Welch which contained some of his film footage and photographs of the early days of containerisation (Volume 1 - The Early Voyages).  We are equally delighted in 2012 to be able to announce that a second video is now available.

Volume 2 again contains a mixture of video and still images from Captain Welch's time at sea, and is titled The Far East Voyages.  This video focuses on voyages between Northern Europe and the Far East on the five Liverpool Bay class.  The story of a typical 'trip' is told with each port call and canal transit marking the various stages of the trip.   The opening scenes include passing alongside the Kowloon Bay (in P&O blue) on the Elbe and the Cardigan Bay (in OCL green) on the way into Rotterdam.  These vessels may be small now in comparison to today's mammoth container ships, but this footage is a reminder that these were once the largest vessels of their type in the world. 

For anyone who has ever wondered how port and deep sea pilots join and leave from the deck of a laden container ship, there is a clip showing a landing on departure from Le Havre.  A second helicopter appears in the next scene where a woman is rescued from a yacht in the Mediterranean and then air-lifted ashore.  

Other scenes include a southbound Suez Canal transit and a dry-dock in Singapore.  The Liverpool Bay being given a fresh coat of OCL green paint while in the Sembawang dock will be of interest to ex-sea and shore staff alike, and the footage taken in the engine room will fascinate anyone who has ever wanted to 'see under the bonnet' of a container ship!

After leaving Singapore, Captain Welch takes us to Hong Kong before we return back through the Suez Canal to Europe.  Gibraltar is shown in the distance.  We also get brief glimpses of a Princess cruise ship being overtaken and then the ss Canberra at night off Lisbon.  Our film voyage then ends with arrival Southampton.

This is yet another excellent video.  The quality of the footage in volume 1 was good, but with the scenes in this edition being taken with higher resolution video this one is even better.   Definitely a must for former sea staff who want a nostalgic half hour or so in front of the TV, or for anyone else who wants a flavour of what it was like to be on a container vessel voyage to the Far East in the 1980s.  


A copy of the Volume 2 - The Far East Voyages video can be purchased direct from Captain Welch for £10.00, (including UK post & packing).  If you wish to order a copy then please email, providing your name and address.  The price will then be confirmed, along with the payment arrangements.


Volume 1 - The Early Voyages is also still available, and a third edition focused on the final generation of Panamax ships, the Peninsular Bay and Oriental Bay with calls in the Japanese ports will hopefully be out before the end of the year. 

Captain Welch is donating all profits from the sale of the videos to the Missions to Seafarers (



Until now the videos have been offered in DVD form but with many people no longer having access to a suitable DVD player, Captain Welch has decided to switch to using USB/memory sticks.  The price of £10 per video with all profits going to the Mission to Seafarers charity remains unchanged.

As of 01/02/2023 Joe advises that nearly £2,000 has been donated to the Mission.

Updated 03/02/2023