PONLHeritage3 launched!

(Previous home page of the PONLHeritage website pictured above)

We had hoped 'PONLHeritage2' (the second version of this website) might last four or five years but it actually managed ten plus... In 2010 PONLHeritage.com was moved to the Google Sites content management system. In 2017 Google produced a new version of the CMS and announced that the old version would be phased out in September 2021.

We've moved PONLHeritage across to the new system. Some functionality has changed and a few useful features have unfortunately been lost, but hopefully you will agree that this third iteration of the site ('PONLHeritage3') is showing promise!

Further changes to the structure and content of the site will be made over the coming months. In the meantime, if you spot anything amiss or would like to suggest any improvements then please drop us a line - ponlheritage@gmail.com.

PONLHeritage - 12/08/2021