P&O Nedlloyd on Facebook

Post date: Jun 19, 2010 11:6:0 PM

(This news item was first published on the original PONLHeritage website on 28 May 2010)

The numbers of Facebook users around the world runs into the millions, and their number includes many of our former P&O Nedlloyd colleagues.

The largest of the P&O Nedlloyd groups on Facebook is run by Elisabeth Røine. Elisabeth had joined the company in 2000 and had worked as an SOI in Oslo until the Maersk takeover in 2006. To help stay in touch with the people that she had worked with during that period she set up the Facebook group which now has just under 1200 members. Membership of the group is restricted to former staff, so anyone who is interested in signing up should click on the link below and then request to join:

There are other Facebook groups dedicated to P&O Nedlloyd and its constituent companies. Some of these, like the one above, have global coverage, while others are for ex-staff at country or office level. All are helping to keep colleagues in contact, keeping memories of the time that we worked together alive.

So, whether you are a Facebook user already or not, you might like to consider signing up and joining one or more of the groups. If you do, then please invite other people that you are in contact with to sign up too. If you know of any reunions or other events where former staff get together to catch up then Facebook would be a great way to promote these (and don't forget to let us know at PONLHeritage too!)

A selection of other PONL-related Facebook groups:

(If you know of any more groups to add to this list, please Contact Us)