New PONL Facebook group

Post date: Jul 20, 2012 8:36:57 AM

Over the last couple of months more than 2,000 former members of staff who have joined the Facebook PONL group have found it to be a great way of getting back in touch and sharing memories with old colleagues.

For those who aren't a member of the group already, former workmates have been sharing photographs including images of company memorabilia, staff events and offices. Examples of the pictures shared include the delegates for a Focus training course in Singapore, a COPS party in Dubai, a collection of P&O Nedlloyd ties, and publicity from the early days of companies like KNSM, OCL and TFL. There's even pictures of Captain Quality :-)

These images have started up conversations, bringing people back into contact who maybe have not spoken for years:

    • "Hi everyone, nice to meet you again here"

    • "And by the way, everybody in the house knows how much I value the PONL things....umbrellas are always not to be touched by enybody but miss those days and you wonderful people."

    • "One of the best companies I've every worked for in my career..!!"

    • "The VERY Best looking container in the shipping business EVER! (navy blue, with the simple, classic and sharp logo - that too the best logo in the shipping business STILL!"

    • "PONL was a great company to work for with the best employees. Really miss those days. When Maersk bought PONL the Chicago office had a funeral for Captain Quality. What a fitting way to say good bye to P&O."

And many, many more :-)

This is a closed Facebook group, but there's a very good chance that you'll know someone who is a member already who can send you an invitation to join!