Flag question

Post date: Jan 30, 2011 5:58:54 PM

On this site we have been using the Nedlloyd logo right which has the blue quadrant top left and bottom right.


Rob van Uffelen (ex-Nedlloyd Lines, PONL and Maersk) has raised an interesting question about the logo and the Nedlloyd Lines flag as he has a version on his officer's cap badge which has the quadrants reversed (see below).



Rob has always understood that that at some point in the 1980s Nedlloyd redesigned the flag to better reflect the sky (white top left) and ocean (blue bottom left) but isn't absolutely certain that that was the real or only reason.


If anyone reading this news item has any theories of there own, or can maybe come up with the definitive answer from a book or company correspondence then we'll post up their explanations here.


Please email ponlheritage@gmail.com with your ideas on why the blue and white quadrants in the Nedlloyd house flag have changed position.