Charlie Hunt

We have received the very sad news of the passing of a former colleague, Charlie Hunt.  On the Facebook PONL group on Saturday 12 August his friend Phil Behenna posted:

"Terribly shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Charlie Hunt at the age of 53. Charlie worked with P&OCL in London and at the Blaak in Rotterdam.

"Charlie was one of the most positive and generous-of-spirit people I’ve ever encountered. I worked with him, played with him (one notable drinking session ended up in an impromptu urban golf game) and we climbed mountains together in South America and Africa. It was a privilege to know him and his untimely and unjust death robs some of the color out of the lives of all who knew him. He leaves behind a young family and his wife, Thandi. I shall carry his memory with me throughout the remainder of my life. He was a great human being".

Having studied at the University of the West of England, Charlie Hunt joined the P&O Containers Graduate Programme.  As Phil says above, that led to appointments at the company HQ in Beagle House, London and the (then) regional HQ in the Blaak, Rotterdam. 

Even if you didn't know Charlie from his time working in shipping, if you follow the UK news then his name may be familiar as it has been in the media over the last few days.   While the comprehensive news coverage is down to Charlie being the brother of Jeremy Hunt (the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer), it is clear from the many articles that Phil isn't alone with his sentiments above.  Charlie ran the London Marathon accompanied by his brother in 2022 for the charity Sarcoma UK and and the Royal Surrey Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre, raising on that occasion a total of almost £50,000.  

Richard Davidson, chief executive of Sarcoma UK describes Charlie as a "lovely man and a tireless fundraiser".  Overall he apparently raised nearly £140,000 for Sarcoma UK.   


Our deepest condolences go to Charlie's wife Thandi, his family and his friends.  He will clearly be much missed.