Birmingham Reunion 2022

Clive Hughes, Paul Russell, Ian Pickering, Dawn Marie-Adams, Trevor Hopkins, Jas Panesar & Hema Patel.

This year's Birmingham Reunion on Saturday 12 November attracted a great crowd, including some first timers.  The event, organised by Craig Bowen, took place at The Old Contemptibles on Edmund Street close to the centre of Birmingham.  

It was an early afternoon meet-up and 25 former colleagues (plus guests) managed to navigate their way through the crowds in the city centre to the venue (as well as the usual shoppers, on the day Birmingham was holding it's annual Franfurt Christmas market and there were two home football matches that afternoon.   

Jayne Smith & Craig Bowen.

Jas Panesar, Gayle Webb & Hema Patel.

Mary Anthony & Gary

Stephen Yeomans & Veronica Campion.

Clive Hughes, Stephen Yeomans & Mary Anthony.

Paul Russell & Dawn-Marie Adams.

Kate Dukes & Jas Panesar (who shut the loo door so it locked with no one inside?!!)

The photos above and below are only a small selection of those taken at the reunion which tell the story of the day (and you know that saying about a picture painting a thousand words!)   Further pictures can be found in the Birmingham Reunion 2022 album.

Ex-OCL/P&OCL/PONL attendees: 

Dawn-Marie Adams

Mary Anthony

Lee Bartlett

Sheila Birch

Craig Bowen

Pat Bradbury

Veronica Campion

Mike Chapman

Kate Dukes

Steph Hemming

Trevor Hopkins

Clive Hughes

Carole Kiernan

Mick Milne

Jas Panesar

Hema Patel

Ian Pickering

Sandra Pope

Paul Russell

Jayne Smith

Linda Waters

Gayle Webb

Martin Willetts

Stephen Yeomans

Lynne Smith

Clive Hughes, Paul Russell, Ian Pickering, Dawn Marie-Adams, Craig Bowen, Trevor Hopkins & Jas Panesar & Hema Patel.

Pat Bradbury & Sandra Pope.

Mick Milne & Jas Patel

Clive Hughes, Paul Russell, Jas Panesar & Hema Patel.

Many thanks go to Craig for organising the event.   Planning for 2023 is hopefully already underway!

Thanks also to Craig for providing the photos and name detail for this page.