Beagle/Maersk House - A historical survey

Post date: Apr 22, 2017 9:25:21 PM

PONLHeritage and SCARA have been contacted by a team who are in the process of recording the history of Whitechapel, the area of London chosen nearly 50 years ago as the home of the HQ for Overseas Containers Limited (OCL).  One of the individual buildings that will be covered by the project is Beagle House (now Maersk House) and they have asked us to publish this request for photographs, memories and other information.   

(Maersk House - Photo courtesy Derek Kendall)

The Survey of London has recently written up a short history of Maersk (formerly Beagle) House ( as part of its current research into the history of Whitechapel, work that will eventually result in the 54th volume in the Survey’s long-running series dedicated to London’s architectural history. It contains a number of evocative interior photographs of the building in 1974.

The Whitechapel project is a departure and an experiment for the Survey which is now part of University College London. Its present research phase is based on an interactive website funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The map-based site is compiling contributions from the public that embrace personal memories as much as expert knowledge and images, whether photographs or drawings. Launched in September 2016, our website will remain live up to the end of 2018.

If you have any information, research, images, or memories of working in Whitechapel, you can sign up and start contributing them here: or email

Survey of London

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