East Rutherford Reunion Dinner 2021

East Rutherford Reunion Dinner 2021

It started with a Facebook post...

John Diaz and John MacParland had met for a catch-up and the post that followed on the P&O Nedlloyd Friends Facebook page led to a a number of suggestions about the potential for a reunion dinner. There was a great deal of interest so the date of September 27th was set and the booking was made for Paisano's, Park Avenue Rutherford.

When the day finally came around all of the hard work that had gone into the organisation really paid off. The flags flew, a cake had been baked and the raffle prepared...

In total 23 people made it to the dinner and from the comments that circulated afterwards (on Facebook of course!) everyone had a great time. This one seems to sum up the evening really well:

"What a great time reminiscing about the great days and wonderful friends we made at PONL! It felt like time had not passed being with all of you. Evening went way too fast. Thanks John and John for putting this together. I know it was a lot of work, but much appreciated."

The photographs below are also testament to a superb evening...

The two Johns - McParland and Diaz, who organised the event!

Karen Bishop, Jennifer Bonsanto, Jamie Fienan, Paul Shahbazian, Mike Mays, Stacy Hunt, Lilla Bleeker and Lorraine Larsen

Tom Johnson, John Diaz, and Michael Vaccaro

Michael Vaccaro, John Diaz, and Mario Lopez

Jamie Fienan and Paul Shahbazian

Tom Johnson

Linda McKenna and John McParland

Finally, the cake!

Top Row (left to right): John McParland, Samantha Scott Hannigan, Jennifer Bonsanto, Billy Cunningham, Paul Shabazian, TFX Johnson, Mario Lopez, Mike Mays, Mike Nahay, and John Diaz

Middle Row: Joanne McParland, Dierdre D’Agostino, Linda McKenna, Lilla Bleeker, Stacy Hunt, Jamie Fienan and Karen Bishop

Bottom Row: Tom Sciscione, Cheryl Sciscione, Margie Richards, Kim Capozio Serino, Judy Waller and Lorraine Larsen

The only question now is when and where the next meet up will take place!

(With thanks to John Diaz for providing the photographs for this article)