Rotterdam reunion 2010

Post date: Jan 22, 2011 7:4:30 PM

The PONLHeritage group have received the following report and a selection of photographs on the annual Christmas reunion for former staff in Rotterdam.


Our sincere thanks to Anné Padmos, Petra Veltman & Frans Tutuhatunewa (pictured right) for sending this on so it can be shared with ex-colleagues worldwide



The happening of the year used to be the PONL Xmas drink that was organized by the PONL social club of the Rotterdam office. The Xmas drink was organized not only for the staff in the Willemswerf, but also for the Amsterdam and Belgium offices and always attracted a huge crowed for drinks, dinner and party. The setting was usually Plan-C of Cambrinus at the ‘oude haven’ (old port) in Rotterdam.


Since the Maersk take-over, some colleagues, who had meantime continued their careers elsewhere, used to regularly meet for lunch. It was during one of these lunches in 2007 that it was suggested to organize a similar Xmas drink for the ex-PONL Rotterdam crew. On November 25th 2010 the ex-PONL Xmas drink was organized for the third consecutive time.


Again a huge crowd of over a 100 paid a visit to Cambrinus to meet (former) colleagues. Of course there was talk about the old days, but also about the new challenges people faced. The event is also used as a networking site to seek new opportunities.

And the rumble continued to late at night…


We are looking forward to organizing the ex-PONL Xmas drink this year and hope for an even higher turn-up in 2011.


Anné Padmos, Petra Veltman & Frans Tutuhatunewa


 Elke Schonwald, Stanley Smulders, Haye van Noord



Henk van der Drift, Petra Veltman, Haye van Noord & Elke Schonwald


 Henriette v.d. Berg & Anné Padmos


Jeroen van der Geest


 Onno Spoor, John van Breugel & Ed Molsbergen


 Peter Kesling, Hans Hagen & Walter Zwets


Petra Veltman & Frans Tutuhatunewa


Pim Heeres & Sonja Buskop