PONL Malaysia Reunion Dinner 

13 May 2023

(From left to right)  Front: Jason, Vivienne, Cindy - Seated: Norman, Chandra, Amanda, Ow Yeong, Patrick, Ranjit, SH Lim, Wong, - 2nd/3rd Row: Luiz, James, Wan, Adrian, Suran, Carol, Ricky, Rachel Tan, Candice, Venesse, Rachel Foo, Rajinder, Erica, Lily, Evelyn, May Leng, Ting, Dora - Last Row:  Chadwick, Kam Fatt, Yap, Julian, Ying, David, Debby, Kelvin, Danny, Benny, Henry, Gerald - Those who missed Group photo: Alex, Soon, Theng, Arthur, Parthiban, Intan

About 50 former colleagues of PONL Malaysia answered the call and turned up for a Reunion Dinner, more than 17 years after the Company had ceased to exist.  It was this indomitable spirit in all of them, who gave up a Saturday evening, in heavy traffic jams and rain, travelling long distances to gather at the Royal Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur, on the eve of Mothers' Day to renew their friendships and have a jolly good time.  

They came from across the country from Kuala Lumpur, Port Klang, Ipoh, Penang, Kuching, Sibu, Miri and Kota Kinabalu. 

It was a nostalgic event that will be long remembered and talked about.

Patrick Lim Keng Lee

Kuala Lumpur


Patrick & Norman

Front - Chadwick, Ting & Carol,

Back - Ranjit & Gerald

Front - Amanda, Rachel, Erica, Venesse &  Ying  

Back - Patrick, Wong, Cindy, Debby & Chandra

Rachel & Amanda

Patrick & Ying

Front - Erica & Rachel

Back - SH Lim, Benny & Norman

Kelvin, Erica, Rachel, Lily, Evelyn, Rajinder & May Leng

Luiz, Ying & Ow Yeong

Suran, Norman, May Leng, Chandra & Vivienne

Danny, Candice, Rajinder, Chandra, May Leng, Rachel & Lily

Facing Camera: Dora, Patrick, Ow Yeong & Ranjit  Yap

With many thanks to Patrick for this report and the photographs.

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