PONL Germany Reunion 07/06/2024

Earlier this month a major PONL reunion took place in Germany involving 167 former colleagues.  Our sincere thanks go to Renate Ridley, Gaby Schliewenz and Gabi Trowbridge for providing the content for this reunion report!

This is what happens when two former colleagues in Hamburg meet on the street and chat and reminisce about old times:

Why not arrange a PONL Reunion Party ? Yes, why not? Should we?

Within hours a Whatsapp group was opened and grew in members very rapidly , it literally exploded during that weekend in  February. Everybody was up for it. PONL Reunion Party, yeaah, that is what we all need. Lots of photos were posted, lots of memories came up in the group. 

There were a handful of people who were willing to organize this special event.  A location was found quickly which served anybody location wise and budget wise: SAUSOLITOS in historical Chilehaus Hamburg, which celebrates 100 years this year. 

We met at 17 h on June 7th for table decoration,  preparing the event.  Lots of colleagues arrived before the agreed time of 18 h, because they simply could not wait. 

During the last 20 years, everybody moved, so we had colleagues travelling from all over Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK and the Netherlands.  Former colleagues from  Bremen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich and Duesseldorf office joined in too. 

So in the end we met up with 167 ex-PONL-colleagues and the last ones went home at 1.30 h Everybody with a big smile on their face knowing that we all did not change and promised to keep in touch , even in smaller groups. 

Gabi Trowbridge

Some quotes arranged by Gabi:

"P&O Nedlloyd Hamburg called - and everybody came running   🤗

We had such a blast at our PONL Reunion Party on June 7th!  167 people, most of whom haven't changed a bit, celebrated with our large family. 

Every company would be honoured to inspire such loyalty, such a feeling of belonging 💖  Thanks everyone for making this an unforgettable evening! 😍😍"

Renate Ridley

"Imagine you worked in a company that was taken over at some point and yet a good 20 years later your former colleagues meet up again because they all have fond memories of that time. It was more like a meeting of friends. Thank you for the great meeting, the organisation and for sharing so many good memories. And now I can say yes! I really did fall asleep on the loo back then and the red spots on my face were not a rash, but marks from my hands. I had to support myself somehow. Thank you for letting me be part of this family and I'll see you again in 5 years at the latest :-)"

Carsten Pottharts

"Wow, that was emotional....

P&O Nedlloyd Reunion after nearly 20 years, with around 170 colleagues from Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, London, Rotterdam, Sweden, Denmark who did not shy away from joining..  It felt as if it was just yesterday that a colleague  just asked who wants to  join for a Friday  afterwork drink ( ok we all got a little bit older in the meantime)... but it clearly showed what a great Company ,with great colleagues PONL was...STILL SMILING!! 

Thanks to All who made this happen"

Martina Ganswig

The attendees:

Nicole Ahnert (ehem Beyer)

Bettina Barg

Klaus-Peter Barth

Elena Becker (ehem Ortmann)

Marianne Bigalk

Ulrike Binroth

Janine Birkle (ehem Thens)

Franklin Birkle

Doris Blankenburg (ehemSpitzer)

Uwe Blunk

Jörg Bockholt

Michael Borngräber

Britta Breckwoldt

Ilo Brockmann (ehem Pielke)

Sina Bruns

Angela Buchholz

Matthias Bunge

Corinna Burchard (ehem Boss)

Dagmar Buth

Erik Chatel

Nadine Cölln-Papaevaneglou

Irene Grupe (ehem Arnold)

Berit Hahn (ehem Moll)

Norbert Hahn

Mark Hall

Anja Hamann (ehem Franzen)

Kerstin Hamann

Carolin Hansson (ehem Richter)

Maike Harm

Matthias Harm

Gaven Harms

Sonja Hartung

Bettina Helgesen (ehem Plauschinat)

Jan Helgesen

Henri Hellmer

Sandra Hellmer (ehem Liedtke)

Svetlana Henke

Nina Hergert

Petter Hinrichs

Nicole Hübner

Sabine Hutton

Oliver Iben

Svenja Maruhn

Stefan Marx

Alistair Mather

Birgit Meidert

Stefan Melschau (ehem Palzer)

Karen Melson

Michiel Messchaert

Mignon Michow (ehem Obstoj)

Tina Mickein

Corinna Mildt (ehem Wunram)

Jens Mittmann

Dirk Möller

Jasvinder Nagra

Jonida Naska

Diana Nutzmann

Claudia Ockert (ehem Florian)

Gaby Oldenburg

Frank Palmer

Frauke Paul (ehem Schedelgar)

Ralf Pesler

Claudia Petersen

Gaby Schliewenz (ehem Pries)

Nicole Schoop (ehem Höpfner)

Thomas Schreiber

Kristina Seibig

Kristina Seltz

Alexandra Smith

Michael Sparr

Peter Spilcker

Angela Sprehe

Britta Stahmer

Marco Stelljes

Kay Stolte

Christian Strauß

Juana Strauß (ehem Kreß)

Katja Strauß

Marian Suhr

Micha ter Haseborg

Peter Theisen

Christian Thiel

Frank Tietjen

Gerd Timmermann

Anne-Kathrin Danker (ehem Kohls)

Janina Delissen (ehem Benecke)

Stefanie Dolata

Tom Dolling

Danilo Don Ranasighe

Claus Elling

Corinna Elling

Isabell Falldorf

Larissa Falldorf

Gunnar Finck

Sigrid Fricke (ehem Knacke)

Kurt Friess

Bianka Gaedke-Semmler

Martina Ganswig


Felix Gliffe

Maren Gonzales

Natascha Graubner

Vicky Griva

Daniela Grosser (ehem Sauerwald)

Sven Groth

Carsten Ihde

Florian Jäckel

Catarina Klingauf (ehem Hellberg)

Heike Klotzki (ehem Reibold)

Franziska Knahl

Jochen Köhler

Veit Kohlmann

Michaela Kolbe

Tina Kolodziej

Matthias Köster

Rüdiger Kranz

Angelika Krenz

Sabine Krauß (ehem Liu)

Julian Kurz

Simone Lenz (ehem Simon)

Annette Linke

Christian Lücke

Thorsten Lührs

Janett Lukaschik

Heidi Lund (ehem Winkelmann)

Axel Martens

Antonieta Pinto

Martina Plümer

Nils Poser

Heinrich Possardt

Carsten Pottharst

Katrin Prüßing

Sylvia Rahlmeier

Tracey Rank

Birte Rasmussen (ehem Oetinger)

Peter Steen Rasmussen

Gabi Rau

Christina Reckmann

Claus Reckmann

Britta Renneberg (ehem Wulff)

Renate Ridley

Ulrike Riedl-Geiken

Michael Ritter

Ralph Schäfer

Gunnar Scheehl

André Schenk

Nicole Schlag

Gabriele Trowbridge (ehem Graw-Biesel)

Karin Valentin (ehem Bostelmann)

Rainer Völmle

Garlef von Borstel

Stephanie von Salzen (ehem Drägert)

Jan Wappler

Ecki Weichel

Julia Weichel (ehem Weber)

Lars Werbeck

Michael Wesselhöft

Steffen Wick

Roland Wiedenroth

Felix Wigand

Frank Wilke

Katrin Wincenciusz (ehem henning)

Thore Windeit

Jens Witthaus

Ann-Krestin Wöbber

Charlotte Wolf

Birgit Ziegenbalg

Only a small number of the circa 90 photos from the event could be displayed here but the full set can be found in the Google Photo album which can be found by clicking on any one of the images on this page.

Our sincere thanks go to the following for kindly giving their permission to use their pictures:  Jörg Bockholt, Martina Ganswig, Maren Gonzales, Vicky Griva, Norbert Hahn, Angelika Krenz, Thorsten Luhrs, Diana Nutzmann, Nils Poser, Tracey Rank, Renate Ridley, Gaby Schliewenz, Gabi Trowbridge, Eckehard Weichel, Julia Weichel, Steffen Wick, Felix Wigand, Thore Windeit & Birgit Ziegenbalg.

(To see who took which photograph, in the Google Photo album click on the 'i' in the top right-hand corner of your screen to view the description).