OCL/P&O Birmingham Reunion 2014

Post date: Dec 31, 2014 10:31:47 AM

The Annual Reunion for Birmingham was held on Saturday 8th November 2014 – despite the horrendous weather in the morning we had a good number of people turn up (30) and several first timers. The was a great success (1pm until 11pm!!!) and it was good to catch up with people from the past.

Sue Lake & Ruth Killoch

From Birmingham Reunion 2014

Left-Right – Frank Palmer, Rob Mills, Trevor Hopkins, Wayne Whitehouse, 

Mick Milne & Martin Willets

From Birmingham Reunion 2014

Left-Right – Ruth Killoch, Sue Lake, Rob Mills, Craig Bowen, Heather Challoner, 

Mary Costelloe, Hannah Scully & Lynn Cooper

From Birmingham Reunion 2014

We had a little toast in honour/memory of Therese Whelan.


Looking forward to our 2015 reunion.

[Article and photos from Craig Bowen]